You Can Lead a Virgo to the Table, but You Can’t Make Him Eat

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As of this writing, it’s close to 6:00pm in my world. Earlier today, about 1:30, I called down to my hardworking self-employed Virgo Sun/Cap Moon husband, “Lunch is ready.”

“Oh, good!,” he responds. (He’s been at his desk for hours and worked all night!)

It’s almost five hours later and the sandwich is still on the table. And now supper is on the stove.

My Taurus Moon will never understand this as long as I live. My Taurus Moon is hungry, you know? Venus (The Empress) when acting on behalf of Taurus wants you to eat. She’ll even feed you ~ no problem. She also knows, dear Cap and Virgo workaholics who forget to eat, that a good lunch is a recipe for success. It says it right on The Empress card.

I don’t really think Virgo’s are stereotypical health-nuts. If they were, they’d eat. ..something. They just don’t seem to need food like other signs. Or they really do forget to eat. Moon (memory) in Taurus (food) will never forget to eat!

And eating the same thing all the time is definitely a Virgo thing. That Virgo husband I mentioned will order the same thing over and over and over again when we go out to a restaurant. He finds what he likes and sticks with it. And I have to admit, it’s always good.

How does your Moon sign feed you? Do you need a lot, a little, variety, routine?

22 thoughts on “You Can Lead a Virgo to the Table, but You Can’t Make Him Eat

  1. Oh I hear on the repetitive food pattern. Our middle son is a Virgo and will eat the same bland food over and over and over. He has a Taurus Moon and Cap Rising, so he enjoys his tucker, just, just, just…the saaaame ol’ thing, all of the time. When he was in hospital a few years ago, they were laughing as he was so complimentary about the food lol

    1. Amazing, isn’t it? My Virgo went to his favorite Chinese restauruant for lunch 2-3 times a week for several years, always ordered the same thing (Chicken with broccoli in a very spicey white sauce). He’s been looking for someone to make that exact dish since he left that neighborhood. That was about 15 years ago. He’s not over it yet.

      Interesting about Virgo and Cap acing the Taurus. It’s 2 to 1. Sometimes I long for a Cap rising sign and more natural discipline.

  2. I have a Virgo Sun online friend and she constantly has to run things by me..”do you think that was right?” . Could be anything..from what new food she wishes to try to an alternative therapy offered on the back of a magazine..mostly I can cope, but there are days I do a little ducking out of sight! Love her though and when she finishes up by saying “I bet you think I am such a pain, but..” I always assure her that if I had my own business I would employ a Virgo such as her to be in charge of the detail would be overlooked and it would all be arranged to make sure everyone gave of their best..working alongside a Cappy – who would work so hard to achieve all our mission statements (we: I am Libra..have to be part of a team!) – I reckon I could go off and do whatever knowing the foundations of my business would be as solid as the Earth signs in charge ‘back home’.

  3. Virgos are sooooo capable and, yet, can feel so inadequate. Stop short-changing yourselves, Virgos. You’re amazing!

  4. This is so funny…I’ve never really thought about this astrologically before but I have always had this saying…

    If it takes longer to cook it than to eat it….it takes too long to cook it…

    Virgo rising, Cap Sun Square Aries Moon!!!!

  5. My Taurus Sun conj Venus husband has a Virgo moon, it trines the sun/venus and he LOVES FOOD! He does have a discriminating palate tho….takes him forever to order in restaurants as he tastes everything in the menu in his mind before ordering….enjoys really fine food and can tell the difference. He also has mars in Taurus, Pisces rising. You’ll never find anyone who enjoys food more. It’s always a pleasure cooking for him.

    1. What a great Sun/Moon combo for fine dining. That’s a dream placement!

  6. This Post cracked me up!
    My husband has also a Taurus Moon, and he NEEDS a serious, delicious meal from time to time, otherwise he feels like a miserable being on this earth (not exaggerating) he even has dreams where he’s eating and wakes up biting the air!
    My moon in libra in 1rst house is a good, quality eater.
    Grandma was a Virgo and fresh, homemade food was extremely important. Amazing cook. She wouldn’t forget to eat for anything in this world (moon was either in late scorp or early sag).
    My Virgo sun/moon sister is not the typical Virgo on that department. Has a difficult relationship with food. Loves amounts of junk, over processed food. But I’m thinking Mars conj Jupiter in Cancer squaring pluto have more to do with it. Is a tough battle.

    Cj, do you think that venus in the horoscope has also something to do with how we enjoy food?

  7. Your post just makes me laugh at how different most virgos and taruses are.
    And you’re right- not all virgos are heath nuts. We’ll be put off by something like mayo on a sandwich (completely unneccessary! tastes of egg! slimy!) and then scarf down loads of our preferred junk food.

    Virgos sometimes also have a weird dislike for feeling full. It’s unpleasant to feel slowed down and sluggish!

    Makes me feel sorry for loving cancer/tarus types who’re only trying to be nurturing.

    1. Beth, you’re so right about the feeling full thing. No one can stop like the Virgos I’ve known.

  8. I have Jupiter in Virgo and my Venus resides in the 6th house. Everyday I bring an almond butter and blueberry sandwich to work. I cannot seem to change my 6th house routine. I never thought of the reason behind it until I read your article. Thank you for enlightening me. I will probably continue with my ritual of same-food choices until I am sick of it!!!!

  9. Gads, I have Sun, Merc, Venus and Pluto in Virgo and I love to/have to eat! Three meals a day, with an occasional snack if I’m feeling low blood sugar. Maybe it’s my Mars in Taurus. I also have Moon in Leo conjunct Uranus, so I do like to try more things than the average Virgo (my friend has a Virgo husband and he has a list of edible foods only about 10 items long). However, I do like to eat healthily – with all my Virgo, I can’t stomach rich food, and if I eat junk I feel like crap almost immediately.

    1. Yayyyyyyyyyyyy. A Virgo eater! Maybe it is the Mars in Taurus. Just curious here ~ do you eat slowly?

      1. Heh. No, I really have to force myself to eat more slowly! Btw, my Moon (conj Ascendant), Merc, Venus and Pluto are all in my 1st house, which may put more emphasis on my physical being – the proverbial princess and the pea, I’m sensitive to every little thing out of whack, including hunger. So that may be the difference. 🙂

  10. How funny! I guess because my husband is a Virgo with a Sag rising, and I am a Sag with a Virgo Moon, we completely get it. It seems we both pick up where the other one leaves off. He’ll start the laundry, I will put it away. He cooks during the summer, I cook during the winter. He likes to be outside, I like to be inside……

    1. Y’all are lucky! It sounds like you two have a real understanding of each other. Fantastic!

      1. yep, and that is exactly what gets our goats! Neither one of us can get away with anything!

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