If You Could have Any Planet in Any Sign, What would It Be?

Is there a dream astro signature that you’d love to have in your chart?

Several comments on yesterday’s post got me thinking about some really good chart placements people have. It got me to thinking about how a Cap rising sign could be really helpful. The rising sign says so much about how we present ourselves to the world and Cap rising seems so capable. Plus it reminds me of what Zelwanda, my high school drama teacher said, “Walk in with authority.” I’ve got this crazy Aquarius rising and, while I do love Aquarius, it has gotten me into some bizarre fixes…mostly with authority figures.

And Saturn conj. Sun in the 2nd house of money sure sounds like an aspect that could get it together in the material world. Since we’re making this up, let’s go ahead and add a trine to Jupiter on the MC. Now we’re talking!

Why not throw reality out the window and really dream?

Imagine Venus in Libra trine Moon in Cancer ~ these signs that can only square each other in a real chart but this is pretend. I could definitely go for that placement. It sounds like a sweetheart of an aspect!

Well, it’s all just a fairytale and it won’t happen, but we can still aim for our dream placements and live them as though they’re real.

What would you pick?

25 thoughts on “If You Could have Any Planet in Any Sign, What would It Be?

  1. Hi CJ, Jupiter in Sagittarius in the first conjunct Sun. I always wanted to be a Sag. Along with Saturn in Libra making some nice trines. Pluto has to go somewhere, so I think I’d put him in the 9th

  2. But in this pretend game, Pluto is the bringer of winning lottery tickets. 🙂 Wouldn’t that be nice? Seriously though, I’m not sure where I’d put my Pluto. Maybe in his home 8th and let him do what he does best.

  3. This is so very interesting CJ. Natally I have Leo rising and with it
    a rather regal demeanor and sunny disposition. I’m friendly and
    outgoing and have no problem talking to strangers. But, I also
    have Pluto in Leo in the first house so there are those that find me
    threatening in some way. If I could choose a new ascendant it
    would be Libra–I would appear less threatening to others, more
    conciliatory and still be attractive! lol Actually, in just a few more
    years my progressed ascendant will go into Libra and I’ll have my
    wish after all…time will tell.

    1. That’s one of the most interesting things about progressions, Dee. You will get your wish. We’ll always have our natal characteristics, of course, but we learn how to naviagate the progressed characteristics, too. Sounds like your primed to move forward. 🙂 Yayyyyy.

  4. Oh is that “walk in with authority” an Aquarius thing? Explains a lot..my mother was Aquarius and she used to tell me that if you LOOK as if you belong, you will do so! Got me out of a few fixes actually!

    Maybe it’s the age I am..but I am more than comfortable with all my planetary placements..I now know which ones I thank my lucky stars for (sorry for dreadful pun!) and I know which ones I can ‘blame’ when all seems muddled or I feel limited..but I know if I just hang on in there..it will pass!

    Mind you..the consult I had with you did shine a 1000 watt spotlight on how it has all brought me to this point..thank you x

    I am content to be me and the relationship I have with my planetary ‘family’ !!!

  5. The “walk in with authority” is a Cap characteristic. Saturn is Aquarius’ classic ruler, though, so we can pull it out when we need to. Love what your mum said. That’s what the ascendant is all about, really ~ using it to fit in and feel at ease in the world.

  6. I would trade my Cancer Mars for an Aries Mars anyday! And switch out my Cap moon for a Taurus moon. I like earthy moons….but Cap moon can make me more serious and worrisome than I like. I like the other placements in my chart really when given the choice. Great exercise…never thought about this before 🙂

  7. I can highly recommend a Taurus Moon and will loan you mine whenever you need it. 🙂 It’s very comforting, the “soft spot” in my chart.

  8. Great question! I actually have Venus in Pisces in my 10th house, although it is conjunct my South Node and I’ve always kind of wished it was my North Node, instead! But I love my Venus in Pisces being right at the top of my chart.

    Being a sun sign Aquarius isn’t all bad, but I have secretly harbored a desire to be a Leo my whole life, which is, of course the polarity to Aquarius. I love the month of August more than any other and I love Leo fire and the big heart and even the brazen ego of Leo. They live very large lives, each in their own way. So I have a Lo sun sign son and a Leo moon sign daughter and a Leo sun sign partner. They help me be my inner Leo! Uranus, my planetary ruler, is in my 3rd house in the sign of Leo. All the Leo folks I love keep me energized and feeling young and creative.

    1. IMO, Venus in Pisces is the most beautiful placement of all. It’s like touching heaven.

  9. I’m with Dee, my progressed Ascendant will be going into Libra soon and I’m looking forward to that. Wonder if I’ll develop dimples. 😉 My Leo rising Moon (conj Uranus from the 12th) can be delightful with people or I can feel overly emotional and overexposed. I’d like Jupiter conjunct my Sun maybe – I have Sun square Saturn, so maybe if that were trine instead and Jupiter on my Sun… sigh

  10. Moon or venus in taurus would be oh so nice!
    I’ve wondered for a very long time, had I being born 20 minutes later, mi Asc would be in early Libra, exactly conjunct Pluto and very close to the moon. My asc would be trining venus and mars, and not squaring Saturn or the nodal axis, would be interesting! Jupiter and sat in a good aspect with my sun would also be great!
    Liked the comments about progressed Asc, mine is now in early Scorpio. MC is about to move to Leo anytime, I’m wondering what does that mean?!

    1. after some tough days, definitely would like a taurus moon, trine or sextile to pluto (instead of conj) yes, that would be lovely 😉

  11. I love my Sagittarius Asc, and I believe it saves me from being too Capricorn Sun-ish, so I wouldn’t change that. But my Scorpio Moon has to go! I don’t mind being emotional and all, but good grief! A Taurus Moon would be nice.
    And it would be nice if the square from Moon/Neptune conjunct to Saturn/Venus conjunct spread to a trine. Ah, it’s lovely to dream…

  12. If anything there is that I admire- Mars in Scorpio is one I find really interesting…..toss in a Venus in Piscies aspect, something wild like a biquintile or a tame trine, it would be somewhat idealisticly sweet but also substancially full of depth and intencity.. Not like my Virgo placements or my natal Mars/Venus/Sun in Cancer… Sort of timid and afraid of the self sacrifice often required to love with pure passion..

    1. I’m glad to see Scorpio getting some due respect here in dreamland. There’s a lot to be said for that passionate placement, and it can certainly stir the waters. Nothing superficial appeals.

      1. My husband is a Taurus Mars native with Venus in Aries… My theory about opposites containing some of the same qualities rings true for him.. With some of the same intencity of Scorp only the Mars nature of mutual reception forwardness of Aries. Its like the Scorpio vibe only more direct and what seems to be “pragmatic”. Its applealing in its own way but not exactly like that emotional factor one would get with Scorpio Mars; he’s got a Cancerian Moon/Jupiter/Psyche conjunction which does have emotional force but for me personally a Scorpio Mars would be just so secretively powerful with a proper amount of self confidence..possibly too calculating though. Certainly a type which doesn’t flinch at the messy emotionally stuff life may be made of… but I am a little idealistic…and I guess over time a Virgo Moon conjuct Pluto stops flinching at some point in time 😉

        1. Mars in Scorpio can flinch at confronting emotional trials, but the stinger gives confidence to move ahead. Once we’re in the depths, let’s go all the way.

  13. Sag Sun, Sag Moon, Sag Rising – already have that so maybe Venus in Sag along with Chiron and the part of fortune – oh dear! already have them as well – maybe I should leave things well alone…
    Have a great day CJ

  14. I have Sun in Capricorn with Pisces rising, Moon in Leo, Mercury and Venus in Sagittarius, and Mars in Scorpio. Men have told me I’m fascinating. I intimidate some people and some have even asked me to quit staring at them when I haven’t been. Some immediately peg me as psychic or a witch – none of which I actively am. I wouldn’t trade a thing except for moving Pluto off of my Moon by a few degrees.

    Insights welcome 🙂

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