Sun Moves into Virgo ~ Move Over Forest, We’re Looking at Trees

Are you ready to start paying really close attention?

Lined up nice and straight

Virgo is taking center stage on Tuesday, August 23rd,  as the Sun moves into the sign of the Detail-Dude. Our behavior and perceptions shift to noticing and working on the details. The urge is toward being meticulous ~ you know, cleaning with q-tips to reach all the nooks and crannies.

Close inspection takes a lot of courage. We’re going to find some icky stuff and we’re going to have to clean it up. I’m not so sure I’m quite ready for this. Virgo is on the cusp of my 8th. That’s sensitive and treacherous territory. I appreciate some hand-holding when I enter that house. It’s manageable once inside, but I appreciate someone walking me to the door, you know? Like that first time trick-or-treating.

Salvaging and recycling some personal items is on my list of 8th house Virgo projects. I’ll definitely be tracking the Moon through Virgo…and paying close attention to daily moods as we get down and dirty with the details in the coming weeks. All that sorting through things can revive some emotions that were buried on purpose.

The Virgo New Moon on the 28th will bring your Virgo house issues to the forefront. The tarot Hermit’s lantern will be shining brightly somewhere in your chart.

Virgo’s ruler Mercury will finish its retrograde motion on Friday, the 26th, finishing up its journey through the Sag decan of Leo. We still have some time to review our personal philosophies and how they relate to our ego.

September 1st, Merc will start moving forward through the Aries decan of Leo, 20-29.59°. Mercury in the Aries decan of Leo is fast out of the gate mentally and focused on love. For self or others is the big question. On the 10th, Mercury will open the door to his own house of  Virgo, armed with all the knowledge picked up from this retrograde and ready to tackle Virgo issues.

Even if you don’t have any Virgo planets, you’re not exempt from the Sun, Moon, Venus and Mercury passing through your Virgo house. If you do have Virgo planets, watch them closely to see how they’re impacted by these four planets.

Where’s your Virgo house and what are the trees in your forest?

(Suggestion: If Virgo is intercepted in your chart, try using whole signs to get a different perspective. You may learn something. You may not. But you won’t know if you don’t take a look. You can get a free chart using different house systems at

18 thoughts on “Sun Moves into Virgo ~ Move Over Forest, We’re Looking at Trees

  1. I am excited, I do love Leo, relish it really, but I have been that buried this last twelve weeks. I have everything planned, of course, and detailed lol It is such a great time for spring cleaning, obviously, as it is the start of Spring for us 🙂 so this is house is being scrubbed from top to toe. I also aim to be more active exercise wise. My sinuses struggle but they can just get over themselves as I have lots of long walks planned and yoga to doooooooooo! Yippeeee!

    Emotionally, I will see what happens 🙂 No doubt there will be more than enough dragged up for me to chew on. Contending with Saturn, but the keeping active approach always works well for me, and his last journey in square to my Moon, it was Summer and way too hot 🙂 So it is a whole new climate in which to deal with his concerns 🙂

    1. It’s been scalding hot here, too, Karen. My Virgo project was supposed to be a Spring project but it was unbearable heat…and all my buried treasure is in my outdoor shop. There are a lot of memories packed away out there in that shop, including some of my mother’s things. You grab the kleenex for your sinuses. I’ll grab them for communing with the dead. (I actually love Spring cleaning. Should I admit that?)

  2. 🙂 I don’t see why not. Spring cleaning It is a new start to the year, to some extent, and a great way to also clean out negative thoughts. I solve so many concerns whilst cleaning or gardening.

    1. And it makes me feel like I’ve lost weight, getting rid of things and sprucing up.

      1. Me too! Productive ‘and’ feel good times. Just a shame that the daily cleaning doesn’t have the same impact :/

  3. Hi:

    My birthday is on August 28 and the new moon is exactly conjunct my Sun. My sun is at 5 degrees 24 Virgo and the new moon is at 5 degrees 27 Virgo. Any thoughts on the effects of that? Thanks.


    1. Happy Birthday, Carol! I always look first at the house of the lunation. Issues associated with that are going to be prominent, especially if there are natal planets in aspect with the New Moon. In your case, all your natal aspects to the Sun will be triggered by this transit. With the New Moon on your Sun, it’s kind of like being a New Moon person for the year. Think of the New Moon emerging, ready to be seen, but still a bit shy. Impulsive, but childlike and innocent. This would be a wonderful year to get a solar return reading, Carol.

  4. Hopefull to get some projects done. With natal Jupiter on the edge of the 4th house Virgo cusp its usually a “forest-trees-bark” situation the details of everything just expands exponentally. Good thing new media can encompass these energies with much more ease. I’ve lots of voice over projects to do.

    1. HA! Yes, examing the bark. And sometimes, I guess we have to make some cuts and look at the tree rings, too. It sounds like you’re prepared, AlterEgoTrip.

      1. Under normal conditions, I’m examining the bark because of the fungi, or the lichen growth.. as a hobby but also because macro photography of lichens is one of my many “things”.. I don’t think we loose sight of the bigger issues because of an intensity of focus, but perhaps its often an idea to change perspective once in a while so we can see things on a different scale and take notice of the similarities.. in the macro world as well as in the micro dimensions.

        Tree rings are also part of it, the hidden and the different perspective.. like an inside out view. 😀 nice!

        1. Oh, you meant actual tree bark. I thought you were using bark as a metaphor for even more detailed examination. I think it works both ways.

        2. Yeah, sorry about that, I see that it works both ways also. I’m understanding that metaphor is both real and that on an image representation… life brings it to us in waking dreams, moments of clear vision where even the event in real life is somewhat dream like.. yet real and concrete and metaphoric and the blur between can be confusing to communicate, but it works on several levels.

          (I’ve got Gemini ASC with Mercury in Gemini in the 12th house, conjunct the ASC.. maybe my communications can be blurry especially during a Mercury retrograde – so sorry about that ;))

  5. This should be interesting. I have pluto, Venus, uranus in Virgo, 8 th house.

  6. First House New Moon for me, conjunct my 0 Virgo Moon, with 24 Leo Asc and 25 Leo Pluto standing by … I’m looking at the Grand Trine in Earth leaning over to include my North Node at 10 Capricorn and Mars at 13 Capricorn and thinking this New Moon is saying it’s time to MAKE PLANS. What do you think, CJ?

  7. You had your personal Moon Day, Mary Pat. (Everyone with a Virgo Moon will have their Personal Moon Day during Virgo.) That Grand Trine is encouraging, isn’t it? Make plans and them get them underway, bring them into physical being.

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