What’s Your Favorite Moon Phase?

Last Quarter - 1
Image by jpstanley via Flickr

It’s a Last Quarter Moon today, my favorite. I love spotting her in the morning sky.  We don’t always notice the Moon during daylight hours, but she’s there a lot. I fell in love with the Moon in the daytime sky before I ever started learning astrology. Imagine what a treat it was when I discovered that this is the same phase as the one in the sky on the day I was born.

In many ways, the Last Quarter Moon is how I mark the months because I feel such a kinship with her. It’s a signal to let go as I watch her grow smaller and smaller each day.  With each thing that fades, we are promised something yet unknown which the New Moon will reveal. Since the Last Quarter can indicate a “crisis in consciousness,” there’s an internal struggle with the letting go ~ anticipation of the new mixed with the sadness of departure.

Today, the Moon will set at about 3:00pm in my area of the world and rise again tomorrow morning at about 12:30am. The Last Q Moon looks like the one in the picture if you see it before sunrise. Imagine it against a pale blue sky. So sweet.

Before it slips away this afternoon, sneak a peak at the Last Quarter Moon. If you walk outside this morning or tomorrow and look toward the west, you’ll see it until it sets in the afternoon. In the Southern Hemisphere, the light part of the Moon will be on the right hand side during this phase. It would be nice to see that one day.

If you’d like to know the Moon’s phase on the day your were born, go here and fill in your birthdate. If you’d like to know the astrological meaning of your Moon phase, Cafe Astrology has an excellent article here. Try tracking the Moon for a few months and learn more about how she guides you.

What phase were you born under? Do you look for it each month?

7 thoughts on “What’s Your Favorite Moon Phase?

  1. for me it’s the “fingernail moon” that’s what it looked like the day i got married. When I see the moon in that phase, I feel hope that something good might happen, that important forces are there once again to help some ideas turn into something real.

  2. I love all phases of the Moon of course, but am a Full Moon bub, and do love the Full Moon. I spent a few years of my teenage hood by the coast, well away from the city lights, and it used to a regular activity just to sit out and count the falling stars. I love the world under the light of the Full Moon, so silent and beautiful, and great to walk in. Just a shame it isn’t the safest of activities these days :/

    1. You’re right about the Full Moon and the ocean, Karen. It is absolutely gorgeous. You’re so lucky to have had access to that. My dream house is a place near the ocean.

    1. Happy New Moon, Holanda. I hope today’s promise serves you well and brings you joy.

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