02-Taurus and Venus, 08-Scorpio and Pluto

Sun in Scorpio ~ Full Moon in Taurus

October 24-26, 2018
Moon enters Taurus @ 10:34a (ET) on October 24.

Oooo, la la.

The pairing of Scorpio and Taurus brings the two sensualists of the zodiac together for some sustained pleasure-making.

Both of these signs are stubborn. Both are extremely resourceful. Both have a good eye for the numbers ($$$). And both will have your back when the going gets really tough if—IF—your loyalty is assured. Too bad they’re on opposite sides of the cosmic fence.

Scorpio/Taurus is Full Moon energy and we have a Full Moon on the 24th at 12:46p (ET). Placed at 1º of the signs, you just can’t get any more Full Moonish than this. It’s the purest Scorpio/Taurus energy you can tap, or feel, or try to run away from. If you’ve been in the grips of either of these forceful and capable energies, you’ll understand that both of them can hold on to you for a long time.

Full Moons are made for bringing balance to issues that are in full swing at the moment. The Full phase lasts until 12:51a (ET) on the 28th giving us three days to make some adjustments.

Herculean: Saturn in Capricorn gives the steadfast Moon even more sustaining power on the evening of the 24th following the Full Moon. Pluto in Capricorn tag-teams with Saturn on the evening of the 25th. Very strong earth energies can sometimes move massive mountains.

Sun-Kissed: Venus, currently retrograde, joins the Scorpio Sun on the morning of the 27th for a passionate embrace. Retrograde Venus can bring people back into our lives that may be better left in the past. She will also have us spending our money on luxury purchases that we won’t really use. RE-consider before committing.

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