Sun in Scorpio ~ Moon in Gemini

October 26-28, 2018
Moon enters Gemini @ 3:41p (ET) on the 26th.

This pair can find the skeleton in every closet and tell you the entertaining story behind it.

At first glance, these two very different signs may appear to have little in common to support each other. Scorpio is intense, Gemini is light and airy. Scorpio can have a mouth like an iron trap. Just try getting information out of her. Gemini can talk your ear off. Gemini’s charm is flirty fun. Scorpio skips the flirting and gets down to business. These two do, however, share something of great importance—a driving curiosity. When paired, their combined curiosity, investigative abilities, and magnetic charm can get exactly the info they’re looking for, all while remaining open-minded and receptive to changing information before moving on to something new.

Busy-Busy: Most of the day on Sunday, the 28th, is a void period for the Moon with the last aspect being a supportive one from Mars. This period may keep you busy without actually getting the things done you had planned, but it can still be fun. Go with the flow.

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