Capricorn Spa Day

Has the everyday work week got you down and you’re ready for some pampering and R&R? It’s time to baby yourself, Capricorn style.

These are the kinds of home treatments that will nourish and pamper those parts of the body ruled by Capricorn and Saturn—our bones, knees, teeth, and skin. We’ll be using some of Capricorn’s favorite’s—salt, baking soda, scents of Capricorn, calcium, and mud or clay. Capricorn is conservative and classic so there won’t be anything out of the ordinary here. They’ll be tried and true but gentle.

Salt Scrub

You’ve heard the expression, “Salt of the earth” and have probably known a few. My own “salt of the earth” mentor just happened to be a Capricorn. Few could come close to her sensibilities, acceptance of the material world, and her humor. She simply had a grip on things.

You can use a salt scrub you have on hand or make one from scratch ~ which is simple, fun, and doesn’t take much time at all. Here’s a basic recipe which you can adapt to any of the signs simply by changing the essential oil.

Basic Salt Scrub Recipe

Use this as an all-over scrub or on your knees and heels, specifically. It will help slough off dry skin and get the skin ready for slathering on your favorite lotion or moisturizer. Skin is usually very thirsty in the winter months that Capricorn covers because of artificial dry heat, so always remember to moisturize.

2015-03-07 Pakistanisches, sogenanntes Himalaya-Salz 0399Always use extreme caution when using these oil based scrubs in the shower or tub. They’re oil, after all, and that means they’re slippery. Be seated if possible, and make sure you have something firm to grasp when standing.

  • 1 container to store the scrub ~ Make it plastic if you plan to keep in your shower.
  • 1 cup of sea salt or kosher salt ~ I like mixing coarse and fine grained salts.
  • 1 cup of oil ~ You can use olive, vegetable, jojoba or anything you have on hand. I usually go with the olive oil unless I’m looking to make a colorless scrub. Vegetable oil works good for colorless scrubs. Almond oil is an excellent choice.
  • Essential Oil ~ This is completely optional. Add a few drops, adjusting as you mix it with the scrub. A little goes a long way with some of the oils. If you want to use oils associated with Capricorn, patchouli, cypress, and myrrh are on top of the list, but more delicate scents are associated with Capricorn, too. Honeysuckle and lilac are Scott Cunningham recommendations in his book,  Magical Aromatherapy.

Try peppermint oil for a refreshing foot scrub. Rosemary and lemon scrubs are fantastic to keep near the kitchen sink for your hands.

Dry Brush Your Skin

You can do a full body brush with a long-handled natural bristle brush. This sloughs dead skin cells and gets blood flowing to the skin. As with the salt scrub, don’t overdo it. Eventually your skin will be able to tolerate longer periods of brushing. Try this before getting into the shower or bath.

For the Teeth

I keep a shaker bottle of baking soda on hand for this and sprinkle some into my hand. Simply dunk your toothbrush in the baking soda and brush in the normal way. This is a salty taste, obviously, so get ready for that. You’re tasting Capricorn! This is an excellent cleanser, a fantastic stain remover and is cheap, cheap, cheap, completely green and chemical-free. It’s abrasive, though, so be gentle.

Milk Bath

You might be wondering, “Doesn’t Cancer rule milk?” Yes, it does, but the calcium that milk contains is Capricorn’s, as are all minerals. (This is a great time to remind you to take your calcium for good bone health.) You can purchase any of the milk baths available or you can make your own, which is simple. Add a cup of milk to your bath water. Told you it was simple. It can be regular or powdered milk. You can make the recipe more spa-like by adding some dried herbs or essential oils to the milk. Don’t forget to put the herbs in a little draw-string bag or tie them in some cheesecloth so as not to clog the drain.

Mud or Clay Mask

What else would Capricorn have besides mud, the earth itself. Mud masks are made to deep-clean and tighten pores, so they’re best for oily skin. Clay masks are super for pulling impurities out of the pores.

Root Chakra Meditation

I wanted to share this guided Chakra meditation video with you. Our root chakra connects us to our foundation and it’s health can give a very clear picture of how grounded, secure, and connected we feel. An imbalance in this chakra, ruled by the earth element and Saturn, can manifest through financial difficulties, being over or under weight as a way of disconnecting from your body, lack of self-worth, and feeling like you don’t belong. If you feel uneasy in your own skin, do some work on this chakra.

Smear on that mud mask and while it dries, close your eyes and relax into this lovely 10 minute meditation. (It ends abruptly, which is too bad, but it will keep you from falling asleep with the mask on.)

Wash off the mask and indulge in a Capricorn Tea or a small meal that includes root vegetables, earthy stews or soups, and a nice whole grain roll. If you love a baked potato, this is your day!



8 thoughts on “Capricorn Spa Day

  1. You’ll have fun making the scrub. If you want to put a Venus slant on a scrub, make it with sugar instead of salt.

  2. I’ve just gotta say: I love a good exfoliation; )

    Because of years of chronic pain, my relationship with my body is quite ambivalent at best and often truly tempestuous. I decided at the Cappie New Moon to dedicate this year to taking care of my body the way I take care of my home and family. I began the Rolfing Ten Series and plan on working with a Pilates trainer. I am also gradually changing what and how I feed my body.

    I have enjoyed all manner of home spa treats and treatments over the years and it is a rare day that I choose a quick shower over a long soaky bath. When I read your post, I knew that having a weekly home spa evening just what I needed to round out my body care project. Thanks for the inspiration!

    1. I’ve decided be kind to myself, too, Mari, starting with my feet and have started treating them quite lovingly this week. They do seem like foreign objects to me sometimes. Lucky you to have the option of baths. There is nothing like that to soothe the body and soul.

      1. Your feet must be so pleased! I am a big believer in babying feet since they literally carry us through our lives.

        At least once a week, while watching a favorite TV show, I soak my feet in hot water to which I add a a mix of Dead Sea salts, epsom salts, baking soda, dry milk, and either peppermint or lavender oil. I give them a good salt scrub and a rinse before massaging in my favorite body butter (or just coconut oil) and some white cotton socks. My hands get some of the scrub and butter massage as well. I bought a large packet of white cotton gloves for photographic and archival use years ago that I still use to seal in the moisture.

        1. That sounds like the best combo soak ever! I’m whipping some up. I made some peppermint footscrub just the other day (and extra for gifts). I love the tingle. I keep a bottle of Dr. Brunner’s peppermint soap in the shower, too, just to treat the feet.

  3. I missed this one at the weekend, but will definitely try the salt rub this coming Saturday. Oh and my aging Capricorn knees definitely need that knee yoga. Thanks 😀

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