Tea Time ~ In the Brambles with Capricorn

Blackberry close-upCapricorn’s ruler, Saturn, arrives late in the year so he doesn’t have a lot of tea herbs in his garden. But the mighty bramble blackberry is one that he favors. I didn’t have any tea containing blackberry in my collection, so I checked the shelves at the local grocery store and found a Lipton black tea that fills the bill ~ Bavarian Wild Berry. (The tea is packaged in those silky pyramid tea bags, which I love.) The tea is mild and not too fruity.

Other teas that fit the Capricorn code are teas made from herbs that are used in money spells ~ oil of Bergamot being one. Earl Grey is the most famous of these teas, and the title “Earl” does command respect. Teas containing comfrey, slippery elm, and kava-kava are also Saturnine and likely to satisfy a more “herbal” palette. The Bavarian Wild Berry tea is “domesticated,” if you get my drift.

If you’re not big on hot tea but love iced teas, here’s what looks like a really good blackberry iced tea from Southern Living’s recipe collection. Those of you basking in the Southern Hemisphere summer might prefer this Sangria-like tea to something hot and steamy.

If you have a favorite, respectfully cared for cup or mug, Capricorn is already at work. If it’s bone china, Capricorn gives a knowing nod and a thumbs up.

Snacks and Goodies

Here we get some interesting goodies to go with tea time. Capricorn rules preserved, aged, and salted foods like bacon, ham, beef jerky, olives, capers, and fruit preserves. You’ll find a lot of overlapping when it comes to foods ruled by the zodiac. Just like the chart, nothing is written in absolute stone ~ which kind of irritates Cap at times.

You can satisfy a Capricorn tea with nothing more than a plain scone topped with blackberry preserves, the seedless variety of course.  Blackberries are one of those foods you can have now, and then have some later ~ when you least expect it. The seeds love getting in the nooks and crannies of our teeth, which Cap also rules. Scones made with black currants also meet the Capricorn goal. (If you want to make your own scones, there’s a basic scone recipe at the bottom of this post. They’re really easy to make.)

Grandma's Quiche in bakeware panA good, standard item found at tea is quiche and what’s more available than a bacon or ham and cheddar quiche?

Goat cheese and watercress tea sandwiches are another great choice for Cap. So’s a spinach salad. Spinach doesn’t contain much calcium that Cap adores, but the bacon brings it home.

Coffee, tea’s husband, is often attributed to Capricorn. Is there anything better than the smell of coffee and bacon in the morning to get you up out of bed? It gives you a little push to face the work day.

Items to stock during Capricorn:

  • Anything rich in calcium
  • Bacon and ham ~ salted and cured to preserve their shelf-life
  • Smoked foods, including smoked salmon and other fish
  • Goat cheese, of course
  • Gelatins ~ made from bones
  • Root veggies ~ a salad including red beets is a good choice.
  • Pansies ~ An edible flower of Capricorn that looks gorgeous on a salad of field greens
  • Other fruits include black currants, black figs, and quinces


If you like afternoon tea time to include something a little stronger, you have to check out Intoxicated Zodiac’s Cocktails of Capricorn. Gwen serves up some gorgeous cocktails, all catering to a particular sign of the zodiac. Definitely take a look at this one ~ Blackberry Noir… A Sip for Saturn’s Dark Goat, Capricorn. Wow! That’s gorgeous, Gwen!

Basic Scone Recipe

This recipe makes an extremely plain scone that’s a good carrier for whatever you’d like to top it with.  For a moister, more flavorful scone, try this recipe from Vampire Gran’s Kitchen instead. There’s an amazing array of scone recipes online. I’m a bit of a purist when it comes to scones, and tend to like them on the drier side instead of biscuit-like. Dry makes Capricorn happy.

I made this recipe with self-rising flour this morning. Just omit the baking powder.

Preheat the oven to 425º

  • 3 cups all-purpose flour
  • 1 heaping tsp baking powder
  • ½ tsp salt
  • 1 tbsp sugar
  • 1½ cups buttermilk*

Mix the dry ingredients together in a bowl (I like a bowl that’s on the flat side), then scoop a well in the center of the bowl. Add the buttermilk into the well and start folding the dry ingredients in until the dough is moist. Don’t overdo this step. Just get the ingredients mixed. You’ll have to get your hands into this dough to get it mixed.

Turn the dough out onto a floured, parchment lined cookie sheet and form the dough into a round loaf that’s about 6-8 inches wide.

*If you don’t have buttermilk, add a tbsp of vinegar to the milk and let it stand for about 10 minutes. It’s not the same, but it will do.

Before baking, brush any left over flour off the sheet, cut the round into 8  wedges and separate them slightly. Bake until golden, usually around 20 minutes. The time might vary with the Moon’s sign. These cook quickly, but you can test the center with a toothpick to be sure they’re done. This makes a very crusty scone.

21 thoughts on “Tea Time ~ In the Brambles with Capricorn

  1. How wonderful..thank you! We (in the north) are about to get that storm on Tuesday night, and it is cold here, and one of my my sons had car trouble this am and had to take my car, so I am making these tonight for my sons… They will be so nice with tea, as we gear up for the weather ahead..very relaxing…

    1. Oh, I’m hurting for you in the north. I have to admit I don’t miss the long northern winters, but I do miss snow and bundling up on occasion. So I’m enjoying this beautiful, quiet white earth this morning.

      I want to remind you that these scones are plain, plain, plain. They’re to scones what saltines are to crackers. (I should go back and put that in the post.) But what a great idea for a supper substitute. Lucky sons!

  2. What a delicious post, CJ! I almost feel like I’m there with you, the images are so vivid. I am a tea-aholic, and have one entire cupboard devoted to potables. The other side of that cupboard is for mugs, which I collect. It’s not that I set out to collect them, it’s Goodwill’s fault. They have a whole aisle with an endless array of interesting, funny, or beautiful mugs in every concievable size and shape for just a dollar or two.

    I get bored easily, both with mugs and with teas, but you described some goodies I’m going to have to try. I’m with you on the Earl Grey, but to me, Lady Grey, with a lighter hand on the bergamot, is more genteel! Stay warm this wintry morn. Donna

    1. Now don’t make me have to go out in this weather to purchase some Lady Grey! I’ve been wanting to try it, but don’t have room to squeeze it into my cupboard. I’ve got a lot of water to boil to get these delicious goodies drunk up.

  3. Oh this is so excellent! I’ve got a loose Jupiter/Saturn conj in Capricorn with Juno right between them (the Jan 4th solar eclipse hit my 13o Juno head on).

    Every single one of these things seems just like the kinds of Cappy stuff I and my Cappy family like on a regular basis.

    Love your column sweetie!

  4. Yummy! Great post. I, too, m a transplanted NYer now residing in the mountains of TN. My latest expression is : The South – the new North – due to all the snow we’ve had. Even the locals in our little town are complaining.

    Earl Grey is my favorite but Constant Comment and Chai with their extra spice are nice lately, too.

    Twinkies? Your explanation makes sense, although I think of them as a Gemini treat – all airy fluff and pretend food, with a very childlike quality, right down to the name. Hmm… Capricorn baked goods: a good Mandelbrot, the eternal Christmas Fruitcake that take 6 hours to bake and probably never spoils and deep, dark & yeasty pumpernickel bread, which I have been eating toasted for breakfast lately – along with my tea!

    1. Great suggestions, Dunnea! I think your Gemini Twinkie association is great and makes all the sense in the world. What’s a possible combo? Saturn in Gemini? Long shelf life with all the light, childlike qualities you mentioned. I doubt there’s ever been a better name for a snack food.

  5. Wonderful post and I took notes! Thank you. I can’t wait to try the Bavarian Wild Berry Tea. Green Acres was a funny show, really liked it.

    1. Green Acres was hysterical! And it really holds up in reruns. The writers were the best.

  6. How delightful … as a total teetotaler myself can so relate …

    I’m taking my time these days … and trying to get my cookie and cake company going, and jobhunting in the background…

    Tea really does help to calm you and get you into that ‘ahhh’ zone where you keep sighing that longggggggggggg sigh…


    1. I’d like to place an order for 3 cakes and 2 dozen cookies, Deemay. I wish you all the luck in the world with starting your new business. Uranus in Aries gets a lot of bad press, but I also see it as a symbol of the entrepreneur. Maybe it will signal a return to “mom and pop shops” instead of the huge, chain stores that strip us of our individuality.

  7. You know, I hadn’t thought much about the zodiac and comestibles, and how fitting it should come up in Capricorn! This makes my Christmas fruitcake, adapted from an old Irish recipe, full of dried fruit soaked overnight in scotch and then baked for an hour, and a real ‘keeper,’ a very Capricornian recipe 🙂 The Moon’s in Aries today … does Aries food include anything you set on fire??

    1. You bet it does!! Anything cooked over an open fire works for Aries ~ grilled foods are great. Campfire food is great Aries food ~ even hotdogs or marshmallows cooked on a stick. (Marshmallows cooked like this I see as Pisces surrendering to Aries.) One of my favorite cooking with fire foods is bananas foster.

  8. CJ, my 4 natal planets in Cap love this post as you might expect!

    Esp your delicious looking scones, the goat cheese (never thought of that way for Cap, but of course!), and a treat I’ve not indulged in for many years: Twinkies! No wonder I used to practically live on them.

    Thanks for this inspiring post, and a Happy belated New Year to you & yours, Jude

    1. Happy belated New Year to you, too, Jude!

      There’s some debate about the Twinkies, but I bet if you had a pack from when you were a kid that they’d still be tasty. Indulge in them again. Grab a pack from the Stop n Go.

  9. Drinkin’ tea – only I’m decaf this afternoon, Rooibos is my favorite of that variety! Wonder what “house” Rooibos corresponds with? Any ideas?

    1. Good question! As far as houses go, I’d assign all teas to the 4th house because 1) that’s the natural, watery home of Cancer, the Moon, and food in general and 2) Cancer rules all teas. I found this great pic of a teapot house:

      teapot house

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