Wanted: Guru ~ All Virgos Please Apply

The Hermit/Virgo
The Hermit/Virgo

In the tarot, The Hermit is frequently associated with the zodiac sign of Virgo. He is said to be a teacher, a sage. Having reached the summit, he holds his lamp for all travelers who may see it and follow its guiding light. He doesn’t look like a talker to me, so once you reach his summit it’s doubtful he’ll start filling you in on his philosophy. Maybe he’ll offer a cup of soup, something simple and nourishing. A slice of bread perhaps, delicately carved from the one perfect loaf he baked that morning. But chatter? Probably not. His eventual revelation? He is there simply to serve, and therefore his secret is revealed. You are both the seeker and the sought, the destination and the way. He learns from you.

If you could have a conversation with any Virgo, living or historical, who would it be? What about them would make you want to seek their guidance? Is there a skill you would like to learn from that person, a dedication to service, or intense focus on minutiae that just might change the world?

Astrodata bank has a long list of noted Virgos, as does Astrotheme, with their charts and many biographies to serve as notes. It’s hard to choose, but why not take a moment to find a temporary Guru to guide you through the remainder of the Sun’s transit through Virgo.

My choice is Rachel Ray.Rachel Ray's Chart from Astrotheme
August 25, 1968 at 12:00 PM* (unknown)
Glens Falls (NY) (USA)
Sun in 2°29 Virgo, Moon in 23°19 Virgo

What do I like about this gal? She’s a cook who keeps it simple and, in anti-Virgo fashion, goes with the “feel” of cooking instead of precise measurements. Why do I like that? Because that’s how I like to cook. She lets me off the hook, a guru who gives me permission to trust my instincts. The light she holds to guide me tells me to go ahead and trust my feelings, cook with those feelings, put a little love and laughter into the meal. With 7 planets in Virgo, you’d think she’d be a bit more precise with measurements. What’s the deal with that? My guess is that she’s thrown a lot of stuff into the kettle and, through trial and error, developed a heightened sense of what works and what doesn’t. With a history steeped in restaurant life and cooking, she watched and learned and developed a critical eye. She just knows.

If you’ve watched her show, you’ll see that she’s a very tidy cook, keeping a trash bowl near at all times. She gathers all the ingredients in an organized way before starting ~ no running back and forth to the pantry or fridge. She uses plenty of fresh herbs ~ great tasting and full of nutritional benefits. Even though the food is cooked in record time and she uses some canned or bottled ingredients (Virgo’s efficiency), it looks great in presentation and always seems hearty and pleasing. She has served us efficiently and nutritiously, and with the lightness of laughter. Very easy to digest.