Full Moon in Pisces ~ I Believe

Pisces, the dream weaver. She takes everything impossible and lends it credence. She believes in it because she is the source of all, the divine spark in the void, the creatrix.

Pisces merges an ideal with the divine, or something extraordinary, and creates a mystical and possibly illusory scenario at a level of consciousness that few understand. But it is deeply felt, below the skin, and with the kind of pressure you’ll find only at the darkest ocean depths.

Pisces sees and feels the unimaginable and knows with a knowing that predates language that what she has met in the void is real. It is a vision emanating from the primal source and the draw to merge with it is overpowering. And so, Pisces feels an equal desire to escape into mind altering states that make the gloriously beautiful, the unbearable, the unconquerable, not so intimidating. The imagined becomes so real that the only way to break the illusion is to create a physical resistance equally powerful and, possibly, equally illusory.

Thus the sign that owns illusion is the sign whose search is for one real thing ~ a material answer to an otherwordly urge.

Wanderer Above Sea and FogStanding across the wheel from her ever practical, meticulous sister-servant Virgo, Pisces serves as well. But while Virgo seeks to serve her fellow man, Pisces serves something non-incarnate, untouchable, a siren’s call, irresistible. We may not hear it at all, but to Pisces it is an aria of such magnificent beauty that everything else is silence.

Lying in the 12th house, she is Dawn ~ escaping darkness, running toward the light. What she finds, though, remains unseen…except in the eyes of the innocent, the wounds of the savaged, the tears of the broken. And she thinks…no, she knows, she can heal them. “I believe,” she whispers. And she does. She believes completely, without even a speck of doubt. She believes.

3 thoughts on “Full Moon in Pisces ~ I Believe

  1. This Pisces reading for today has moved me quite profoundly, CJ

    My 9th house moon, ruler of my chart, is in Pisces. It trines my Neptune (out of sign in Libra) in the 5th house and as Robert Hand puts it ‘what matters most t…is that [I] express my imagination in some concrete form’, Libra lends me the grace and beauty to do so.
    The Moon/Neptune Trine is part of a GRAND one and the 3rd angle in the trio is a trine to my Cancer ASC, I know that my drive for expressing this creativity is a thing of reality that I can achieve, and others can see too.
    Thank you, CJ, so much- for putting who I am into such eloquent images. My Pisces Moon sometimes ‘forgets’ that I ‘exist’ for others to see.

  2. CJ,

    Just seeing this now for the first time. This is simply incredible and profound. I’m choked up and speechless. My Moon is in the 12th House.

    Thank you.


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