The Body Scorpio

Scorpio rules the pelvis, the large intestine, genitals, prostate, and organs of elimination ~ the bladder, urinary tract and the rectum. It also rules the nasal bones and the process of eliminating nasal congestion. Having the Sun, Moon, or Ascendant in Scorpio may indicate problems with these parts of the body. Mars in Scorpio can indicate a … More The Body Scorpio

Jewel of Scorpio ~ Topaz

Legends about the miraculous properties of stones and precious gems abound. I place that kind of info in the “magical lore” category and find that it can offer a real boost if I’m using the symbolism to strengthen a particular thought in my head. I’ve always enjoyed the beauty of crystals, stones, and rocks, and remain curious about … More Jewel of Scorpio ~ Topaz

Astrological Picture Book ~ The Death Card and Scorpio

The astrological associations of the tarot are open to lots of debate among authors and readers. The tarot is a symbolic system that holds personal meaning for the individual readers, so there’s lot of room for interpretation. I associate the Death card with Scorpio, and will investigate the sign of Scorpio, the 8th house, and the issues … More Astrological Picture Book ~ The Death Card and Scorpio