Scorpio ~ Feeling the Tug to Let Go?

Everything is feeling like dead weight. There’s an overwhelming urge to just throw everything out. But that’s not practical, even in the Season of Discard.

This is Scorpio, the sign of letting go. Honestly, we do have to bury our dead and we do have to make room for abundance. But today feels different. I look at the emphemeris and see that today is my personal Full Moon Day ~ the day each year when the Sun opposes my Moon/Jupiter conjunction in Taurus.

There’s an urge to give everything away or just toss it, while at the same time I’m wondering if I might need it in the future. So, I’m compromising ~ creating a Time-released Release.

I started the morning by reading some magazines and suddenly felt overwhelmed by the piles of them around the house. I’ve decided to organize them by months. They’ll keep me reading through all of 2011, getting tossed as I clip articles that relate to zodiac signs. I swear an oath that I am NOT buying any more magazines until these are gone, tempting as new ones may be.

Hark! There must be a plan here!

Being a Cancer has its difficulties ~ moods and focus do change quickly, yet with regularity. Since this is my Full Moon Day, and it’s caught between Scorpio and Taurus, I have to reach some kind of balance on this seesaw I’ve been living with all my life.

And why am I focused on magazines today? Well, my personal Full Moon Day is squaring my Mercury, ruler of magazines. Thank goodness it will only last a day ~ otherwise, I might be down at the Library redoing their shelves!

Do you have planets in Taurus that has resulted in a similar tug? Or perhaps the Sun is squaring placements in Aquarius or Leo today?

Where’s your tug?

6 thoughts on “Scorpio ~ Feeling the Tug to Let Go?

  1. You know I didn’t realize that there was a reason behind it, but I’ve been having that tug to declutter myself …

    The first thing that I rid myself of was the unresponsive and long-suffering boyfriend… the sad thing is that it wasn’t even that hard to do. I’d been waiting for him to get himself organized on many levels for quite a while now, and it eventually came to the point where I had to make a conscious decision to SAVE MYSELF.

    The tug is also there with my current job. This is a place where I really have never felt comfortable, and I believe that in this season of change, I need to disassociate. I’ve already begun the process of seeking new adventures elsewhere, and I pray that I will be successful, because yet again, I gotta save myself.

    I feel so much lighter now 🙂

    1. “Declutter myself.” I really like that term, Deemay. We pile up so much that we actually lose touch with who we are. We need to strip down to the basics. I applaud your efforts, and wish you great success in your search for satisfying work.

  2. My” tug” will be @24/16 squaring my Leo Sun. Thanks for the heads up!

    1. Hi, Joan. You’re only a about a week away. Let us know if anything really pulled you during that time.

  3. Goodness..tug-of-war going here in my world! My Moon is in Cancer and homemaking, DIY and just generally playing with power tools seem to have been the order of the day! Obsessively so – would that be the Scorpio Sun? Also..the beautiful Seer’s Year I won in the give-away makes more and more sense,’s as if I now have a ‘map’ to follow and as I am moving from a 9 year to a 1 year..clearing the decks and that lovely ‘de-cluttering myself’ is happening on a massive scale. Love the approach of Saggy my rising sign feel its time to get out there a bit more, hence the need to get home straight and as I really feel comfortable with.

    Thanks for the insights…

    1. Scorpio insists that we let go of all kinds of things ~ habits, stuff, feelings, resentments, anything that Deemay tells us helps “declutter” ourselves, our spirit. As you near the end of Cycle 9, Penny, there are just things that have to be done with, clearing the decks as you say. A very special teacher of mine called that “making room for abundance.” We reach a point where there’s not any room left for good stuff to enter, so we have to clear out the yuk so the good can get in the door. Scorpio trines Cancer, so that’s helpful ~ especially on the homefront. I admire your work with power tools! They tend to get all wiggy on their cords when I’m handling them.

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