New Moon in Scorpio ~ Cauldron or Grail?

I’m not sure what drew us toward the ugly old tent. Lois, Sarah, and I were at a carnival where all the other tents were colorful and fancy. But this one was plain ~ downright dreary, worn from weather and age. The line was long and we had no idea what was inside. There was no sign, no barker to announce the wonders within. Why were we here?

Slowly, we made our way toward the door ~ nothing more than a flap, really. As we moved closer to the center of the tent, we saw an old woman ~ a crone who must have been at least a hundred years old ~ dishing out ladles of something into the open hands of those who stepped forward. First Lois, then Sarah, then me.

The cauldron was huge ~ at least as big around as a truck tire ~ and much older than its Mix Master, the crone. Hesitantly, I stepped forward, both hands cupped and ready to receive. The old crone dished out a ladle of liquid silver into my palms. What was I supposed to do with this? I smashed it around and flattened it into a pancake. It was  rough around the edges and certainly was no thing of beauty. There was no art here. I was frustrated and angy with my results.

I turned to catch a glimpse of Lois and Sarah. They both held something lovely in their hands ~ little figures, statues with finely detailed lines. They were smiling and happy with what they’d fashioned from this nothingness. But in my hands? A flattened, formless mess that amounted to nothing. An flat, ugly pancake.

This is not some tale told better at Halloween. It’s a dream I had when I was in college ~ long before I began my jaunt into metaphysics, when my only knowledge of old ladies and cauldrons was from MacBeth ~ and the dream haunts me till this day. What does it mean? How can I exorcise it from my memory?

Cauldron or Grail?

The Grail Legend tells us that the grail will supply whatever we desire, our deepest longing. While the Grail legend seems Piscean at first glance, it’s really a Scorpio tale ~ full of desire and the obsession to obtain.

Legends of Ceridwen’s cauldron bring a similar message:

In the most popular tale, Ceridwen’s cauldron created a special brew so powerful that only three drops were enough to bestow genius on a mortal man. The liquid in the cauldron required “a year and a day” to brew. In Celtic lore the phrase “a year and a day” refers to a cycle of completion as well as to formal initiation. The latter is at the core of Ceridwen’s brew, which ultimately results in the transformation and rebirth of the famous bard known as Taliesin. It is here that we understand our inherent power to become whatever we envision for ourselves.

The theme of transformation is essential to our understanding of the cauldron mysteries.

The Cauldron of Memory
by Raven Grimassi

What do the cauldron and the grail hold for you?

RWS ~ 7 of Cups

Cancer gives us the ability to create; Pisces the ability to merge back into the formless. Scorpio gives us the ability to transform ~ to die to what is inauthentic and rebirth our true nature. Whatever is in the grail or the cauldron is only for you. You cannot make something like Sarah or Lois, or even like my flat little pancake. Yours will be different. You cannot be like anyone else. You are you and only you.

What is it that you want? The Grail and the Cauldron hold it for you. Name it and it is yours.

How can Scorpio help?

The New Moon in Scorpio gives us the opportunity to enter the underworld that is our own psyche. It is the longing for the truth that sets us on our Sagittarian quest. If you were standing in that line in the tent, and the old crone dipped out a ladleful for you, what would it be? How can you shape it during the coming month, the coming “year and a day?”

Start your journey now, while the Moon is dark. Enter the mystery, solve the riddle so that when the New Moon arrives you can begin the transformation into a more authentic you.

10 thoughts on “New Moon in Scorpio ~ Cauldron or Grail?

  1. Love this post. The dream story made me think about what I fashion with the gifts I have. Thanks for sharing. Intrigued by your use of the card and the new moon ‘scope.

    1. The 7 of Cups is a Scorpio card and has always reminded me of the grail. “What is it that you want? What is it that will fulfill you?” Not always an easy question to answer.

      1. I’ve always thought of that card as choice and goals/desires and at times being overwhelmed by choice or unable to choose. But your cauldron/grail comments have me thinking about creation.

  2. oh my logical Libran son would say, *you were probably just hungry* ! And so it may be ?
    Just a thought.

    I haven’t got an artistic bone in my body, I would likely end up with a flat pancake too, and I would chalk it up to art Not being one of my gifts (lol, I actually got an F in it in High School ! ) . But I can also see why the riddle would puzzle you !

    Still it does bring out the Story Teller in you and maybe that is the point ? 🙂

    Dark and New Moon Blessings,

    1. HA! Maybe I was hungry. I do love pancakes. 🙂

      I have never thought of the dream as being about art, more about fashioning a life. I have a feeling it will always baffle me.

      Many Moon blessings to you, too, Belle.

  3. Oh, this is a dream I would never wish to expunge! What a cauldron the dream itself is 🙂 If it were my dream, I would wonder what I could shape the liquid silver into, who the woman was, and what the cauldron was. Have you ever re-entered a dream? It can be done in mediation, or a light trance. What a powerful dream … thanks for sharing it 🙂

    1. I’ve never consciously tried to re-enter a dream, but this is one that I should try. Maybe through meditation. That’s a good idea, Mary Pat. Maybe I can reshape that pancake.

  4. Very interesting dream and quite a puzzle! Dreams are fascinating, I love to go to sleep especially for my dreams. Thanks for the download – I will enjoy reading it. Have a good weekend.

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