New Moon in Sagittarius ~ Tools for the Day

Happy New Moon in Sagittarius!

The Moon is New in Sagittarius today with the New Phase lasting through December 3rd. If you haven’t made your New Moon wishes, intentions, or figured out what New Moon Dream to manifest this month, here are a few tools for the day that might inspire you. If you have already made your intentions, wishes, or dreams, these tools can help you stay attuned to the energy of the Sagittarius lunation throughout the coming four weeks. Continue reading

Scorpio Lunation, Day 2 ~ It’s Not Too Late

I was a bit distracted during yesterday’s New Moon in Scorpio. I got off to a slow start. There were everyday life things that demanded my attention. Little things. But demanding things.

Later in the day, I found some gentler quiet time and set about preparing for my New Moon ritual. The tools for the day helped me a lot. I gathered all my materials, got everything set up, opened up my New Moon workbook and then. . .life interrupted.

Again. Continue reading

New Moon in Scorpio ~ Cauldron or Grail?

I’m not sure what drew us toward the ugly old tent. Lois, Sarah, and I were at a carnival where all the other tents were colorful and fancy. But this one was plain ~ downright dreary, worn from weather and age. The line was long and we had no idea what was inside. There was no sign, no barker to announce the wonders within. Why were we here?

Slowly, we made our way toward the door ~ nothing more than a flap, really. As we moved closer to the center of the tent, we saw an old woman ~ a crone who must have been at least a hundred years old ~ dishing out ladles of something into the open hands of those who stepped forward. First Lois, then Sarah, then me.

The cauldron was huge ~ at least as big around as a truck tire ~ and much older than its Mix Master, the crone. Hesitantly, I stepped forward, both hands cupped and ready to receive. Continue reading