Sun in Scorpio ~ New Moon in Scorpio; Astronomical Samhain

November 6-8, 2018
Leaves Scorpio at 2:00pm ET n the 8th

“Do not go gentle into that good night…
Rage, rage against the dying of the light.”

The combined energies of the Sun and Moon in Scorpio may very well be the most imposing in the zodiac. This blend is water first as destroyer and then as creator, resurrecting herself as fire in the night skies, commanding the attention of every eye. We’ve come to readily associate Scorpio with Pluto in modern astrology. To the ancient astrologers she was a child of Mars and, thus, the night-sister of the warrior Aries. She will not tremble, she will not fear, she will not quit.

Coming as she does in the evening of the zodiacal year, Scorpio is represented by the cross-quarter day of astronomical Samhain. This is the time each year when the Sun reaches 15º of Scorpio. October 31st is the traditional day of celebration for this marker on the wheel of the year. But today, true Samhain, has an energy of its own. If you celebrate Halloween as Samhain, you may want to work with Samhain traditions today to test their effectiveness. What are you feeling? What are your instincts and intuition telling you?

This year, Samhain  arrives with the New Moon. To me, this can be symbolized by a difficult birth, one where the odds seem against us. With the determination of the fixed sign Scorpio, we bring a new energy into the world, a new goal, a new zeal for a life changed but not extinguished. It is, without a doubt, a phoenix rising.

Power Hour: On the evening of the 7th, the Scorpio Moon makes a very powerful connection to Pluto. Confidence brings empowerment. We can see an end to struggle and a positive outcome for our efforts.

Bellwether: Jupiter leaves Scorpio for a year-long stay in Sagittarius on the 8th at 7:36am ET. In the afternoon, the Moon enters Sagittarius. A new hope grows. We search tirelessly for truths that we absolutely know are there. Out of the ashes, out of the resurrection forged by Scorpio, a new world is born.


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