Sun in Scorpio ~ Moon in Libra

November 4-6, 2018

This is a power coupling of sexually-charged charm and obliging love.

Libra has a reputation for needing to please or to make everyone happy, often going to extremes to do so and at their own expense. Remarkably, Moon in Libra is happy to do just that. Sun in Scorpio, however, is not. When paired, the duo has an uncanny ability to make sure everyone is happy without really giving a rat’s ass if they are or not. How do they accomplish that? Magnetism and unadulterated charm. While this duo can sometimes go out of its way to be accommodating, it is nonetheless useless to consider them a fool. They know what is at the heart of a matter and can deliver a sting or a sweet treat at any given moment in response to what they’ve found.

Libra is, in many ways, not unlike Scorpio’s 12th house. Things are hidden there: love, resources, money, partners. It may be difficult to discover the Scorpio Sun/Libra Moon’s motives, but they are often completely irresistible.

Revved Up: On Monday evening, the 5th, Mars gives an energy boost to the Libra Moon. There’s a little giddy-up in the cosmic energy level.


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