Jewel of Scorpio ~ Topaz

topazLegends about the miraculous properties of stones and precious gems abound. I place that kind of info in the “magical lore” category and find that it can offer a real boost if I’m using the symbolism to strengthen a particular thought in my head.

I’ve always enjoyed the beauty of crystals, stones, and rocks, and remain curious about the various healing properties associated with them. I love their lore and symbolism. Here are some of the legends and myths about the Topaz.

  1. The ancient Egyptians saw in its golden glow the radiance of Ra, their sun god.
  2. The Greeks felt the Topaz strengthened them and warded off sudden death.
  3. Topaz is said to make its wearer invisible in times of emergency.
  4. A Topaz will change color in the presence of poison.

In her book Stone Power, Dorothee L. Mella has this to say about Topaz’s abilities,

Ancient lore claims great healing powers for this stone, especially the power to control angry passions and to balance diseases of emotional origin.

If the topaz is mounted in gold, these properties are supposed to be enhanced. This is lore, though, and I wouldn’t recommend a topaz to replace proper medical guidance in controlling any emotional disease or rage.

Here are a few qualities that create a symbolic bond between Scorpio and the Topaz. The keywords for Scorpio are in bold lettering.

  • Because of its association with gold, it is used to bring or enhance the wearer’s gold and money gathering abilities.
  • Wearing topaz is said to bring friendship, better and deeper relationships, and enhance one’s ability to give and resurrect love.

There are lots of variations on which stone applies to which sign and Topaz is often listed as a stone belonging to Sagittarius. Rex E. Bills assigns it to Scorpio in The Rulership Book. J. Lee Lehman lists the stone falling under the rulership of the Sun, Mercury, and Jupiter in The Book of Rulerships. There doesn’t seem to be any disagreement among jewellers that the stone is the November birthstone. If you have a Topaz, enjoy it no matter when you were born.

citrineIf you like Topaz but it isn’t in your budget, you can substitute Citrine ~ which is one of my favorites. You can find Citrine cystals that range from white to yellow to smokey brown. Quite beautiful.

Photo courtesy of NYPL Digital Editions.