Moon in Libra Beauty Tip ~ Let’s Get to the Root of It

Isn’t it cool when you get a new beauty tip? Here’s one I’ve never read in a magazine. I got it from one of my really good friends who is eaten up with artsy, and just happens to be a Libra, btw.

Hair ColoringIf you color or highlight your dark hair, the day comes when you have to do something about your roots, right? Take some eye shadow that will match the darkest shade in your hair and dab it along your hairline, scalp, and part. I used a root touch up brush from a kit I had saved and it worked great. You can also use an artist’s paint brush that has a stiffer bristle. Just dab, dab, dab and you don’t have to suffer through mixing, waiting, and rinsing.

This is also a great tip if you having thinning hair in some area you want to hide. Just dab the scalp with the eyeshadow where your hair is thin.

Don’t use a glittery eyeshadow. Go with the matte finish.

This is probably a better tip for brunettes and highlighted hair than for blondes, but if you find just the right shade of eyeshadow…it might work for you, too.

Not exactly an astro item today. You can’t apply it to your natal chart, but you can apply it to your roots.

Do you have any little known beauty tips or tricks to pass along?

5 thoughts on “Moon in Libra Beauty Tip ~ Let’s Get to the Root of It

  1. Here’s another (Libran moon, me) way to deal with the grey roots: let the whole lot grow out and get a funky silver haircut. Apply wax and mess it. Mind you, a dab of blue or green eyeshadow round the hairline could add intrigue… I was in Argentina recently and NO ONE goes grey without a fight, or cuts their hair short. Boy, did I get some looks from the girls. I didn’t stop to ask what kind…

    1. Wow! That would be fun. And if it was gray…ahem…silver already, you could go with the glittery shadows instead of the matte.

      I’m all for growing it out, and actually look forward to the day when I finally decide to give it up. Thanks, Pen.

  2. Whatever works!!! As a life long image consultant who migrated from the outer image to the inner with astrology…I believe cut, style and color must compliment the personality in order for the individual to feel good about themselves.

    I always thought it interesting how a transiting planet could inspire a person to change their Image. It really noticeable when you have a major outer planet transit to the ASC…

    And in couples synastry…wow…when you see a client involved with someone who’s Neptune is on their ASC …you see the client become softer and more glamorous. Saturn…more conservative. Uranus…more electric. Pluto…more sultry.

    But another tip for covering up that pesky regrowth..magic markers work as does mascara…just use the wand like a little brush. Another tip…don’t go too long between color retouches if you want to have a consistent and even color from root to end.

    1. That’s interesting info about someone’s planet on our Ascendant. Have you noticed that a person’s appearance changes with the Sun, Moon and other personal planets, or is it an outer planet thing?

  3. Great tip cj! And just in time. 🙂
    My color is just a tad darker than my au natural, and when my roots show, as they so completely are now, it’s just odd being lighter than the rest.

    Patricia..thanks for the mascara tip, shall try that one also. Footnote: Tr. Pluto is opposing my ASC and my in-a-box-blonde that I had wore for a decade went out the door a year loving black. 🙂 Others seem to like it too.

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