Pisces 2016

Depending on your time zone, the Sun enters Pisces tonight or in the wee hours tomorrow morning. This slippery entrance is a good example of the boundaries that Pisces, and her ruler Neptune, deem invisible.

This is the season of sacrifice, that end-of-the-zodiac-year time when something may be sacrificed to make way for the new. The vernal equinox, the astrologer’s New Year, is just around the corner, waiting for Pisces’ passing. Fire born out of water.

Sun enters Pisces at 00:34 am ET on February 19.
Enters Pisces on the 18th at 11:34 pm CT, 10:34 MT, and 9:34 PT.

Moon in Cancer escorts the Sun into Pisces this year. It is a watery, sensitive, intuitive, romantic entry. The Moon remains in Cancer until late Friday night giving us ample opportunity to tap into this loving energy. The Sun will begin its wide conjunction with Neptune while the Cancer Moon trines Neptune. The Sun will be in an exact conjunction with Neptune on the 28th.

Mars in Scorpio adds it’s own energy to act on our feelings. Earth and Air signs may not be so quick to act, but don’t be surprised to find your water sign friends slipping about on that invisible boundary today and tomorrow. Just love them and let them be who they are, tears a’plenty, over-sensitive, and gooey-hearted.

New and Full Moons

On February 22nd, the Moon will be full in Virgo, another sign of sacrifice and service. She’ll be New again on March 8th, a solar eclipse at 18° Pisces. The eclipse degree is in the second decan of Pisces, the Cancer decan, in the Virgo degree, so we have a repeating theme of Pisces/Virgo in play. The Moon opposes Jupiter on the 8th when she’s New forcing a need to deal with reality along with our dreams and ideals. It’s time to fill some metaphysical potholes and some real ones, too.

The Planets and the Pisces Sun

Mercury will enter Pisces on March 5th and conjunct Neptune on March 11th. Be on alert for poets, messengers of inspiration, liars, scoundrels, and those with the gift of gab. Venus follows Mercury on the 12th. Words of love, anyone? Dare you believe them? Maybe, maybe not, but they’re likely to be mesmerizing.

March 6th is a day of note as the Pisces Sun will have an exact square to Saturn in Sagittarius. The gentle Pisces Sun may find this energy manifesting as self-doubt, lowered esteem, and generally negative. Fortunately, she gets a little footing with the exact sextile she forms with  Pluto in Capricorn. If Pisces can stay out of the dumps from the Saturn square, she can gain some personal power and increase her self-confidence. This is a day when we have to choose our own path, despite the circumstances. These two aspects will come into play around February 26th moving to exactness on the 6th, then dissipating over the next 10 days, through the 16th of March.

The Water Triad


There are three other days I’d like to bring your attention to—the days the Moon is in Scorpio while the Sun is in Pisces. February 27-29th are some of the best days of the year to lift the veil between worlds. Pisces, the Moon (ruling Cancer), and Scorpio combine to create a water triad, increasing all characteristics of the water element.  Set aside some time during this period for a tarot or psychic reading. It’s a time of going deep into the past, dream analysis, forgiveness, and opening your heart to loving spiritual messages.

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