Pisces to Taurus: Decreasing Light of the Leo Lunation

The recent Full Moon in Pisces began the cycle of decreasing light for the Leo Lunation. Tomorrow, August 30, we move out of the Full phase and into the Disseminating, the phase of sharing with others what we have learned since the Leo New Moon.

Each zodiac sign has something tender to protect. With Leo, our hearts are exposed. We succumb to love, run from it, hold it high, or hide it someplace safe. The Full Moon of the Leo Lunation can be in either Aquarius or Pisces. This year because the Sun moved into Virgo during the Leo Lunation, the Full Moon was in Pisces, that super-sensitive sign that we simply cannot ignore.

In their book, Sun Sign, Moon Sign, Charles and Suzi Harvey call the Leo/Pisces blend a “lion-hearted mystic.” I believe that we can go on to say that this lion-hearted mystic is mortally wounded, surviving only by some alchemical means.

Pisces pulls us in, tempts us with an infinite variety of ways to soothe whatever is hurting. If she supplies a remedy for our pain, we are “healed,” making our way through our troubled lives without a clue that we leave our pain in our tracks as we move through the daily grind. If we ignore this Piscean wound, we are left with a dull ache in the void where our heart should be. It’s a hole that everyone can see, and no matter how hard a lion-hearted mystic may try to cover the hole, it will never be hidden completely.

As we move into Aries in the Full Moon phase, our feisty side comes to the surface and we reconnect with our spirit ~ the fiery side of us that pulls us out of the water and saves us from drowning. ~ whether we like it or not.

{Quick note to Leo Pocket Letter people ~ If you haven’t used that ZAP! candle yet, now is a  good time to fire it up.}

When we are wounded, recovery depends on how successful we are at sharing our pain ~ allowing others to see our wound. Not as a martyr, but as our imperfect human self. The gold light of the Leo lunation can begin the healing process. The Disseminating phase of this Leo Lunation continues the Aries re-animation process and pokes us hard enough to reach a comfort level for which Taurus is famous. We make connections with others and share experiences, even little ones. It’s kind of like “what’s up?” when you talk to someone you haven’t connected with in a few days. “What’s going on? What have you been doing? Here’s what I’ve been up to.” These can be comforting days with Moon in Taurus and Sun in Virgo. They’re grounding, stabilizing. Our hearts may still be in the roiling seas of Pisces, but our feet are heading toward solid ground.

Use the next few days to connect and share. Maybe you’ll help someone else heal a little.


New Moon in Virgo Pocket Letter

This is a New Moon in Virgo 2018 Pocket Letter pack that I think you will really enjoy working with, especially if you like New Moon rituals or following the phases. Each moon phase has its own pocket with fun inserts about the phase or the zodiac sign, in this case Virgo the Virgin.

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Since this isn’t a book, you can use the different pieces any way you like. Stick them in your journal, on your fridge, or in a book you’re reading now. Handy!

Each phase has a card from the Medicine Woman Tarot deck to offer guidance for that phase. There’s also an overview card for the whole lunation. This is a feminine, affirmative deck which seems well-suited to Virgo’s sensibilities. You can read the cards individually for each phase and/or put them together into a holistic reading.

Since this is Virgo, the sign of cleanliness, there are 12 different inserts with a tip on what to clean during each sign.

You also get a New Moon pouch that has some fun items that fall under Virgo’s domain: an aromatherapy inhaler made with essential oils that bring clarity and help us make wise decisions, Red Moroccan clay with chamomile for a cleansing and calming facial during the waning phase, and floor strewing herbs to bring the magic of Virgo cleanliness into your home. You’ll find a few Virgo-friendly surprises (not listed here) in the pocket letter and pouch, too.

Each pocket letter is handmade and decorated, so there will be small variances from the one in the photo.

Shipping takes approximately 3+ days for first class mail and it takes me a couple of days to get it ready. Order in time for it to reach you by the New Moon! There are no returns or exchanges as this is a time-sensitive kit.