Leo New Moon Pocket Letters

Last month, I shared my first New Moon Pocket Letter for the Cancer Lunation. I appreciate all the support and the wonderful feedback on them. I’ve completed the pack for the Leo New Moon and it is now available at my Etsy shop, AuntieMoonStore.

Each of the nine pockets in the packet holds something special. To begin, there’s a pocket for your New Moon wishes to inspire you as the lunation begins. The other eight pockets are devoted to each of the eight Moon phases. Tucked into each pocket are the date and Moon sign changes for that phase, a brief description of the Moon signs that begin during that phase, and a little something of interest about Leo or a question to ponder as the lunation progresses. Use the inserts any way you like—stick them in your journal, a book, or  on your mirror to remind you of all the great things about Leo. There are surprises in some of the pockets and more good stuff in the New Moon pouch that comes with the pocket letter. Fun!

Since each pocket letter is handmade and decorated, there will be slight variances from the one pictured.

New Moon Pouch

The Leo New Moon pouch has some really fun items that fall under Leo’s domain: an aromatherapy inhaler made with essential oils to lift your spirit and raise your joy level, a little something special to pamper yourself during the waxing phases, at the Pisces Full Moon, and the waning phases. There are things that are just for fun, some for making magic, and some are yummy.

This month’s cards

Along with the Leo tips, lunar info, and the special treats, you’ll find a real tarot or oracle card in each pocket to inspire you as you navigate the phases.  Save them for each phase or pull them all out at once to get an overview reading for the lunation.

Cards for the Leo lunation are from these wonderful decks:

  1. The Goddess Tarot Deck (Kris Waldherr)
  2. Self-Care Cards
  3. Trust Your Vibes
  4. Medicine Cards (mini version)
  5. Rock and Roll Oracle (a cool indy deck by David Rosenhaus)
  6. The Four Agreements deck
  7. Angel Inspirations
  8. The I Ching Pack

(All of these decks are available on Amazon.)

Leo New Moon Pocket Letters are


and in very limited supply.



Orders can only be accepted through August 5th in hopes that the package
will reach you via snail mail by the Leo New Moon on August 11th.