A Turkey in the Disseminating Phase

Yesterday’s post was about the transition from Pisces to Taurus, moving from the Full to Disseminating phase. Today I’d like to share a little more about the Disseminating phase, mainly because a turkey told me that I should.

I love synchronicity. It’s life affirming. It helps connect the dots and makes me trust that I’m on the right path, even when I have no idea what’s ahead.

The cards I chose for the Disseminating phase in the Leo Pocket Letter were Medicine Cards. The card I drew for myself for this phase was Turkey.

Let go & give away the past
Share your gifts with generosity
Feel the freedom gained
~ Sams and Carson, Medicine Cards

The Disseminating phase is all about sharing and here I have a message to do just that. I’m not sure exactly what I should be sharing, but I suppose that whoever needs it will recognize themselves in the gift.

Let’s take a look at how Turkey fits into the Disseminating phase with the zodiac signs of Aries and Taurus.

The turkey is the Give-Away Eagle. That’s an impressive name for a bird more likely to be dinner than to soar through and rule the sky. But there’s a deeper message here. Give-aways are ceremonies where someone gives away everything they own so that others benefit. Give-aways can also be the act of giving things away so that we can gain a little freedom, sort of like a garage sale where everything is free.

I remember when my dear friend, Donna Cunningham, had a giveaway when she moved from one apartment to another. She gave away everything that she knew wouldn’t fit in her new space. No garage sale to earn a little money. A give-away. It wasn’t just a bunch of stuff she didn’t like. She loved and had cared for these things and she knew that others would benefit from them.  She was extremely generous ~ of her stuff, her time, her knowledge, and her humor. In that give-away, she got what Turkey promises ~ freedom. A burden, even a loved one, had been lifted.

So what does all this have to do with Aries and Taurus?

Give-aways benefit Aries because they lighten the load. A lighter load means greater speed.

Give-aways benefit Taurus because they are so earth-bound. They are the masters of accumulation. (Having Jupiter and the Moon in Taurus, I’m very familiar with this.)

Imagine how aghast each sign would be at the other.

Taurus: (to Aries) Where’s all your stuff?!!
Aries: (to Taurus) How can you even move?!!

My husband has this little thing he does about not needing anything.

I don’t need anything.
Except this pencil. That’s all I need. Just this pencil. I don’t need anything but this pencil.
And this paper. That’s all. Just this pencil and paper. That’s all I need.
And this eraser. That’s all I need. Just this pencil, and this paper, and this eraser.
And this…ad infinitum

It’s pretty funny, actually. He winds up “needing” all kinds of stuff.

But do we, really? Isn’t there something in Turkey’s message that really makes sense?

Before the day ends, think about something you might give away that will benefit someone else while giving you some very valuable freedom. In the dark phases of the lunar cycle, we simply have to let things go. If we do this by sharing, even better.

Turkey told me so.



New Moon in Virgo Pocket Letter

This is a New Moon in Virgo 2018 Pocket Letter pack that I think you will really enjoy working with, especially if you like New Moon rituals or following the phases. Each moon phase has its own pocket with fun inserts about the phase or the zodiac sign, in this case Virgo the Virgin.

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Since this isn’t a book, you can use the different pieces any way you like. Stick them in your journal, on your fridge, or in a book you’re reading now. Handy!

Each phase has a card from the Medicine Woman Tarot deck to offer guidance for that phase. There’s also an overview card for the whole lunation. This is a feminine, affirmative deck which seems well-suited to Virgo’s sensibilities. You can read the cards individually for each phase and/or put them together into a holistic reading.

Since this is Virgo, the sign of cleanliness, there are 12 different inserts with a tip on what to clean during each sign.

You also get a New Moon pouch that has some fun items that fall under Virgo’s domain: an aromatherapy inhaler made with essential oils that bring clarity and help us make wise decisions, Red Moroccan clay with chamomile for a cleansing and calming facial during the waning phase, and floor strewing herbs to bring the magic of Virgo cleanliness into your home. You’ll find a few Virgo-friendly surprises (not listed here) in the pocket letter and pouch, too.

Each pocket letter is handmade and decorated, so there will be small variances from the one in the photo.

Shipping takes approximately 3+ days for first class mail and it takes me a couple of days to get it ready. Order in time for it to reach you by the New Moon! There are no returns or exchanges as this is a time-sensitive kit.