Sun in Pisces 2020

As the Sun enters Pisces, we draw to the close of another zodiacal year. Pisces is the natural ruler of the 12th house of our horoscope, the place of withdrawal and what is unknown or clouded from our view.

Whenever the topic of the 12th house comes up, I think about a dream a friend of my Mom’s had that explains it well. She saw someone standing behind a curtain. She couldn’t tell who it was (Pisces fog). All she could see was their feet. Feet are the part of the body ruled by Pisces, making this dream even more symbolic.

I think I was in elementary school when she told us about that dream, which places it in the ancient history category. But the fact that the symbolism still holds some sway over me decades later, speaks volumes about the mystery that Pisces and the 12th carry.

It’s more than likely that Pisces is not the sign on your 12th house. Only an Aries Ascendant will give you that placement. However, wherever Pisces is in your chart, you will probably find that things can be a little hazy there. You may not be able to find your way easily. Not that you never will. But your first have to be able to clearly see everything behind the curtain.

What needs clarifying in your Pisces house this year? Maybe it’s the same old, same old that’s kept you confused for years. Maybe it’s something new. Whatever it is, why not spend the next few weeks trying to make sense of it. This article might help you gain some clarity. 

Some News

I’ve created a new Home page on this site that will lead you to lots of things happening during Pisces this year: Moon sign changes, phases, free downloadable lunar calendars, New and Full Moon info, and a little thing I call Tarot Timings that gives a brief explanation of the tarot cards associated with Pisces. If you haven’t seen it, please take a look.

I won’t post Moon sign changes or phases here, but you can find regular updates on my FB page. Follow me there for regular updates.