Full Moon in Virgo: The Practical Mystic

The Moon in Virgo reaches fullness tomorrow, 3/9, in the early afternoon (ET). I like to think of the Virgo Full Moon as being the Moon of the Practical Mystic. She incorporates all that magickal Pisces energy (blessed this year with a conjunction to intuitive Neptune) and then puts it to use in the most practical ways.

Need a magic potion. Measure it exactly!

Want to organize your herbs into specially labelled matching bottles? Virgo’s got you covered.

Need to recopy something that’s all hen-scratched and marked up? Virgo is the time to take that task on.

She’s the thinking mystic, the one who is less likely to be led down the moonlit garden path by those who don’t know what they’re doing. Not only does this Full Moon in Virgo get help from all her planetary contacts, she is a first hand witness to Mercury turning direct on the night of the 9th.

Happy Full Moon and enjoy the practical, magical moments.