Moon in Pisces

Pisces Key Phrase: Gently, Gently

The Moon finds its most tender landing place when it reaches Pisces, the most sensitive of the signs. Feelings can be hurt easily, but emotional and spiritual connection can also be reached quite easily ~ more so than during any other sign. Brain fog can set in, so do be careful not to venture into anything that might cause regrets on a more clear-headed day. Get plenty of sleep during Pisces transits as your dreams can bring the message you’ve been searching for. The body is as sensitive as the psyche during Pisces so be on alert for any allergic reactions. Stay clear-headed while looking for ways to unwind. There’s much to lose ~ including yourself. Dream and be inspired.


High Sensitivity, Withdrawal, Dreamy, Romantic, Illusive, Unclear

Good Pisces Tricks

Pisces was made for long, luxurious baths. Add a few drops of your favorite essential oil, some soft  background music, light a candle or two, and let all your troubles drift away.

Your tub is your mini ocean and can be the central focus of your home spa. Invest in at least one oversized super soft towel to wrap up in after stepping out of the tub.

Pisces is the end of the journey through the body, and is associated with our feet. If your feet hurt, you hurt all over. Pamper them.

For all the shoe fiends, these are perfect days to get some shopping done. It’s a great time for buying shoes. Our feet tend to swell during the day, so shop toward the end of the day to get a better fit.

If you have a swimming pool, these are excellent maintenance days. Other water features, including aquariums, can use our attention on Pisces days.

Pisces days are excellent days to indulge in a bit of solitary time to soothe the soul.