Moon in Aquarius

Aquarius Key Phrase: The Answer is Blowing in the Wind

Throw away your manuals because you can figure it all out for yourself while the Moon travels through Aquarius. Just be cautious enough not to blow yourself up in your lab. If Gemini flits and Sagittarius explores, Aquarius flits, explores and explodes…quickly! Don’t be surprised if you’re surprised during Aquarius transits. These are great days for research in all matters technical and intellectual. People are social and humanitarian-minded, but they are also disengaged and hearing the beat of their own drummers.


Unconventional, Inventive, Intuitive, Friendly, Trend-Setting, Rebellious

Good Aquarius Tricks

If there’s anything that needs reinventing in your home ~ furniture layout, colors, even changing one room’s purpose to something else ~ try it under an Aquarius Moon. If it seems a little strange, live with it a while. You may learn to love it.

Here’s an article on Decorating Tips for Aquarius that you might use for more ideas.

In the body, Aquarius is associated with the legs, shins and ankles. It’s important to keep the circulation in good health to prevent cramps. Restless leg syndrome and nighttime cramps are an Aquarian condition. Talk to your doctor if you are plagued with either.

Everyone can benefit from keeping the calves stretched and limber. Reaching for things on the high shelf by standing on your tiptoes is a good way to stretch them as long as you remain steady on your feet. Don’t overextend yourself.

Ceiling fans, air conditioners and anything high-tech in your home (HDTV, computer, cell phones) are in the spotlight during Aquarius days. Change your air filters regularly ~ either at the New or Full Moon or during Aquarius.

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