Tools for the New Moon in Pisces

New Moon/Solar Eclipse at 8° Pisces, February 26, 2017.

Moon in Pisces is dreamy, intuitive, and extremely sensitive. There may be an urge to draw inward or retreat from the noise of the world. Underdogs can capture our attention, and we may rush in to help save them whether they want us to or not. Our dreamworld can take on a life of its own.

See New Moon/Solar Eclipse in Pisces

Pisces gives us so much to work with because Pisces is the epitome of symbolism. If something is symbolic to you personally, then it is an excellent tool to use during Pisces.

I have a few suggestions that might help you figure out what you’d like to work with at this New Moon. Maybe one or two will trigger something that creates a connection between you and the most ephemeral of the signs. The focus is on enchantment. Some of the suggestions are about real, touchable objects, but one in particular is not. Let’s start with that one.


What does glamour mean to you? I used to think that it was some elusive quality that movie stars of the 40’s possessed that just wasn’t obtainable anymore. It’s much more than ridiculously good looks. Plenty of people are gorgeous, but not glamorous. It’s more than great charm. Plenty of people are charming, and yet…not glamorous. Glamour must be enchanting, bewitching, able to put us under its spell. We simply can’t resist it. Explore what makes you glamorous while the Moon is in Pisces. How do you work your special magic?


Not pics on your phone. Those aren’t photographs; they’re just images. IMHO, they’re not really photographs until you print them out and can hold them in your hands. Photographs ~ which until recently required Pisces’ film ~ take us out of ourselves and put us into another place and time. They call up emotions and memories in a way that flipping through them on your phone just can’t. Go through all your photos, the ones in envelopes, photo books, boxes. Find one or more than really enchants you, that takes you out of today’s world and places you squarely in another place and time.

I have some very specific suggestions for items to include in a Pisces New Moon ritual in the Pisces New Moon Dreams workbook ~ colors, essential oils, crystals, even food and drink to help ground you before, after, or during your ritual. There’s something for the Full Moon in Virgo, too.

Soap Bubbles


How long has it been since you fell under their spell? Remember how much fun they were? Little spheres of magic floating all around you? Why not enjoy them again. If it seems too silly to you, I really urge you to try it. Let yourself be enchanted by this simple little thing. Why do I connect them with Pisces? Because they are so ephemeral and fragile. And magical.

Pillow Spray for Sweet Dreams

Cancer is the sign of sleep. Pisces is the dream. Make an enchanting pillow spray with relaxing essential oils to help you drift away into a Pisces dream.

First, fill a 2 oz. spray bottle to the shoulder with a mixture of alcohol and water. Leave enough room to be able to shake the liquid before using.

Add the following relaxing essential oils:

  • 8 drops Lavender
  • 4 drops Roman Chamomile
  • 4 drops Ylang-Ylang OR Jasmine OR Clary Sage*

Spray on a handkerchief or directly on your pillow. Leave enough time for the spray to dry before snuggling in.

*Lavender and Clary Sage are ingredients in the Sagittarius Linen Spray for Prophetic Dreams which you might like to make, too.

 Happy New Moon!

Need Help with the Pisces Lunation?

Pisces New Moon Workbook
Pisces New Moon Dreams Workbook

What possibilities does the New Moon hold for you? What do you want to happen? Can you make it happen?

I think you can.

But there’s a hitch. It takes daily diligence and commitment.

It’s easy to set intentions at the New Moon. But it’s not always so easy to see them through to the end. By using daily intentions, you stand a far better chance of seeing some solid results by the Full Moon.

By using the method outlined in the New Moon Dreams workbook, you can easily set daily intentions and make daily progress toward realizing your New Moon goals.

You can see the Table of Contents here.

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  1. Conjunct Neptune…. in the ruling sign of Neptune. I have had the feeling for a while that big change will come regarding the pharmaceutical companies and research into medicinal marijuana. Ultimately it will give many communities back our good cops, economies will no longer be held hostage, and many good people will get on better and be safer. There is a win-win. More money for education and mental health.

    1. I heard something today about big pharma being able to release their drugs without the research that is required now. I haven’t researched it and don’t know if it’s accurate, but if it is…that’s definitely Neptune at work.

      1. Interesting. Just been at an all day workshop for a very mundane end of the supply chain of the medical industry and chemical based products in sports. Very boring stuff. Had a look at what sort of people are working in it.

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