Moon in Pisces 11/12-14/21

The Moon in Pisces through Sunday morning, the 14th, makes lots of happy connections. Today, the 12th, is that window of opportunity I wrote about in my earlier post. Saturday morning brings happy thoughts from Mercury and joyful inspiration from Uranus. Saturday evening is blessed with Neptune’s bliss and the Sun’s comfortable self-confidence. Before passing … More Moon in Pisces 11/12-14/21

Tools for the New Moon in Pisces

New Moon/Solar Eclipse at 8° Pisces, February 26, 2017.

[caption id="attachment_21287" align="aligncenter" width="600"]new-moon-in-pisces Moon in Pisces is dreamy, intuitive, and extremely sensitive. There may be an urge to draw inward or retreat from the noise of the world. Underdogs can capture our attention, and we may rush in to help save them whether they want us to or not. Our dreamworld can take on a life of its own.[/caption]

More Tools for the New Moon in Pisces