Virgo ~ Speaking for Those Who Can’t

Pets are one of the things Virgo rules; “small animals” to be exact, and it just wouldn’t be right to leave Virgo without paying some attention to the voiceless and those who speak for them. Animals rights are a loaded topic ~ rescuers and rehabbers are all for them, trophy hunters laugh in their face, and those who find themselves politically aligned somewhere in the middle become almost as voiceless as the animals themselves. Virgo has arms wide open for all the little creatures, though, and I wouldn’t doubt for a moment that our Virgin and her vestals have spent countless hours mending the broken at your local animal shelter.

One of the things listed on 12 Things to Do when the Sun Transits Virgo, is to make a donation to your local animal shelter ~ money, something on their wish list, or some volunteer time. That’s an easy thing to do. Every shelter has a wish list, usually made up of things like bleach, old towels or blankets, paper towels, simple little things that can prevent disease or provide a bed. If you’ve never gotten a pet from a shelter, you’ve missed a real treat. Okay, ’nuff said. If you’re a pet lover, your heart is already full of all the words I could write from now till the end of time.

If animals aren’t your thing, there are plenty of shelters for people who are in dire straights and need you desperately. Let’s put a little stone soup on to simmer. It serves millions.

There hasn’t been any “Music of Virgo” this past month, so here are two videos ~ one for cat lovers and one for dog lovers ~ to round out the season of Virgo. Both are performed by the writers, who obviously are madly in love with their charges.



Humane Society of the United States

National Wildlife Federation ~ Please take a look to see if your yard qualifies as a Certified Wildlife Habitat. My yard was certified this summer. So easy to do.
Directory of Animal Shelters by State and MuttCats Directory ~ Scroll down a bit to find a listing by each state.