New Moon in Virgo ~ Just an Average Day

It can be somewhat frustrating trying to get to our New Moon issues when the New Moon comes at the end of the sign. There’s a rush to find that perfect something that will make the past month meaningful and change the future for the better.

BookshelfI tried for most of the day to focus on the possibilities the New Moon presented, but I kept getting drawn back to daily chores ~ laundry, cleaning the kitchen, coming up with something for dinner that’s healthy and not too fattening. I’m frowning over the doctor’s appointments that are taking up too much time this week ~ taking my mother-in-law to two appointments and an eye exam for myself, the first in many, many years. I bought a new bookshelf last Sunday and it really needs to go up now. Books are piled everywhere!

All these little everyday irksome distractions are keeping me from concentrating on the Virgo New Moon, and I am becoming quite perturbed. I can’t focus. I need to be precise. This is Virgo, after all. Precision counts. I want to pick the perfect New Moon activity and all this other stuff is getting in my way.

Wait a minute…hold on a second. Am I really this dense? Am I this out of touch with myself? Could it be any more obvious than this? I’m already seriously invested in Virgo. This is, after all, just an average day in any average week from many of the years I’ve spent doing everyday regular things.

There’s really nothing special about Virgo, and yet it’s the “fabric of our lives.”  It’s all the things that we do to make our lives run smoothly and provide a stability that most of us would be lost without. Even if we won the Lottery and things got a whole lot better, we’d develop little routines. We’re creatures of habit, after all, and that’s not always a bad thing.

You’ve probably heard the expression, “Chop wood, carry water.” That’s Virgo, and that’s what I’ll wind up doing on the New Moon, pretty much the same as today. There are no Big Plans for new diets, no cleaning out my drawers, or organizing my files. I’ll just do regular things, have an average day, and in all likelihood, it will soon be forgotten. But Our Lady of the Wheat will be quite satisfied knowing that her New Moon message was received and maybe she’ll weave a little magic so that bookshelf goes up. All in all, just an average day.


 [09-16-09: Since we’re currently in a Mercury Retrograde period, this New Moon in Virgo may be an excellent time to review all the things you wish you’d done but didn’t, or wish you had done better while the Sun has been transiting Virgo. If you’d like some ideas on things to do during this New Moon, read 12 Things to Do While the Sun Transits Virgo.]

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