12 Things to Do When the Sun Transits Libra

Libra constellationEach time the sun moves into a new sign, make a To Do list that fits the sign and house the sun is transiting. During the Sun’s transit of Libra, consider putting these 12 things on your list.

You can focus on these things any time the Moon transits Libra or make one of them a major project during the New Moon in Libra.

  1. Keep your promises
  2. Get a really good mirror ~ a looking glass for inner or outer gazing
  3. Identify the solid relationships in your life and why they work
  4. Get a makeover
  5. Read something romantic
  6. Look for the lopsided
  7. Listen to someone’s story
  8. Make amends
  9. Be the partner you’d like to have
  10. Barter
  11. See yourself through the eyes of others
  12. Commit to something

And do something extra sweet for yourself…get yourself some really good chocolate.

The best prescription I ever received from a doctor was this, “Go out and get yourself some really good chocolate. I’m not talking about regular everyday chocolate you can pick up at the newsstand. Stop by Godiva on the way home and get yourself something really nice, something exceptional.”

Chocolates!Do I even need to mention that he’s my all-time favorite doctor ever?!

Whether you like it dark, milky, white, fruity, nutty, or laced with chipotle, go out and pick up a little something that’s worth the trip. Make it extraordinary, make it special.

About a year ago I developed a new habit. Every night, right before bed, I get myself a small square of incredible dark chocolate. It’s the last thing I taste every day. I’m absolutely positive it makes my dreams more colorful and the stars shine brighter.

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