Full Moon in Scorpio ~ Bless this House

clean-1346686_640This is the time of year when many of us are involved in our spring cleaning rituals. There’s a lot of heavy dust lingering from winter that just might be bringing you down. If you’re feeling heavy, sluggish, in a rut, or your home just doesn’t feel “right” even if you’ve already scrubbed every square inch, maybe it’s time to take it a step further.

Taurus is the sign of life. Scorpio is the sign of the dead. We can use the Full Moon Taurus/Scorpio energy to cleanse and revitalize our living spaces and our inner “home,” our bodies.

We’ve all walked in to some place and got that ewwwww feeling. What we’re doing is picking up on negative energy that has lingered in the space. Sometimes it’s the people occupying the space that create the negativity. Other times, it’s the space itself. It needs clearing.

That’s the case with my house recently. My house felt sick. There was a heavy feeling around. I’d feel pretty good when I was out and about, but when I opened the door and walked in it felt like iron weights dragging me down. No one was sleeping very well. Nothing ever felt clean enough. This isn’t a cloaked obsessive compulsive disorder for cleaning. Believe me, I show no symptoms of OCD in my house cleaning! Something just wasn’t right.

Relief started to come when my house was cleansed by a formidable light worker. I noticed a difference each day as she worked on clearing my house of the heavy energy. She gave me an excellent tip to help me sleep. Wrap the room ~ walls, floor, ceiling ~ in golden light. Visualize it when you lay down for the night. I did. It helped. A lot! The first night I did this I slept 9 hours. Nine! I haven’t done that since the 80’s! It was wonderful.

Why not use the Scorpio Full Moon to finish off the spring cleaning in the part of your life signified by the Taurus/Scorpio polarity? For me, it was the 4th/10th axis, so my house and office are the prime candidates.

How to Clear Energy

You can use the tip I told you about to surround the room in golden light.

Use light barriers to protect yourself  when you encounter negative people.

Smudge! If you aren’t familiar with this ritual, it’s the easiest thing in the world to do. Get a smudge stick, usually made of sage although they come in blends, as well. I’ve got a sage/lavender mix, but prefer the ones that are only sage. I can’t get the mixed smudge stick to burn very evenly. You can also use loose sage (love this) in a seashell or bowl. Add a little sand to these if you use them because they will get hot.

Walk through the room or house and wave the smoke throughout. I happen to love the smell of sage, but if your housemates don’t…find a time when you won’t  be interrupted. Envision the sage clearing the house of all the icky, heavy energy that you can’t see.

Smudging is a nice ritual to wrap up any spring cleaning and prepare the mind and the heart for the next season.

25 thoughts on “Full Moon in Scorpio ~ Bless this House

  1. After cleaning a house with sage, it is a great idea to fill it with something beautiful and positive to fill the empty space created by cleansing. A smudge stick of cedar or pine or any incense you love does the job nicely.

    1. Great tip, Thanna! Better to fill the space with something we love rather than let the ickies creep right back in.

  2. I am all for Tree Frog Farm Sacred Energies and SOS flower essence sprays. Those are definitely the sprays I’m going to use to bless the house. I love them because they don’t use alcohol.

    I have been using, salt, sage bundles, tea tree essential oil for cleaning, and frankincense or sandalwood for incense.

    Auroshikha is my incense

    1. Salt is another great suggestion, lili. Do you sprinkle it in the corners of a room after cleaning?

  3. hi cj!

    thanks for posting this. this info is coming at a great time for me. the taurus/scorpio full moon falls on my 12th/6th house axis. what do you think would be a good area to focus on for a cleansing based on those houses? i’m wondering because those houses don’t necessarily represent actual places. although i just realized that the 6th does relate to the body and health routines, right?

    by the way, my scorpio sun is in the 6th house as well and according to astro.com the full moon trines my natal moon in aquaruis, 10th house.

    thanks for the lovely article!


    1. Namaste!

      The 6th house represents our work, but that can be a tough place to smudge unless you work at home or have a home office space. You can use the light to cleanse and protect, though, in your work environment. Since you have Scorpio on the 6th house, we can also look at places Scorpio rules and one of those is the bathroom. I have a post on Clean Up Your Bathroom here. Since Scorpio rules plumbing in general, you could even focus on your kitchen or any place around your home with plumbing (outdoor faucets?).

      The 12th house could represent any place you consider a sanctuary or “prison” even, which could be a place inside your home or outside somewhere such as a garden, a special place in a public park, anything where you feel spiritually connected. If there’s a place in your home environment that makes you feel encumbered in some way (imprisoned), not free to use as you wish, you might consider cleansing and blessing that spot.

      The 6th does relate to our diet and health routines. Think about the foods you’re consuming and whether or not they are life nourishing and sustaining. Throw out the ones that aren’t. Check expiration dates and discard any that are out of date and toss things in your refrigerator that have been in there for way too long. Got a bottle of salad dressing you never use? Get rid of it. That kind of thing.

      Hope this helps, undercover goddess. (Love that name!)

      1. wow! this is great info! and scarily accurate…i JUST had an argument with the person i live with over him not cleaning the bathtub beyond a superficial wipe. i was livid! lol. it seemed nonsensical for me to be so upset but i am feeling frustrated about the bathroom NEVER being clean. i felt overwhelmed by the fact that it’s not just me but three other people using it and i want folks to really clean, not only wipe up after themselves (i am so not the maid type), so i gave up on it. however, your comment brought home to me how vital and necessary having a nice bathroom is for me spiritually so i think this weekend i will definitely check out your article on bathroom cleaning to start sprucing it up again.

        the kitchen is another issue but that’s way too much work — i’m already constantly fighting with my family not to ‘junk up’ the refrigerator with bits of food wrapped in foil that never seems to get eaten and putting containers where they don’t belong, i gotta pick my battles! so, i think focusing on the bathroom will have to do for now.

        i’ve been thinking of reorganizing my closet and at least putting away favorite clothes i don’t currently wear and taking them back out again when i can fit them again. i have already been implementing a new exercise and diet, starting with drinking 2 – 3 liters of water per day and taking probiotics.

        this is really nice! i love it when it turns out that i am naturally in alignment with the order of things — i take it as a sign and feedback that i am listening more to my intuition.

        i’m glad you like my name 😉


  4. Salt can be used a bunch of ways. You can dissolve it a bit and spray or use it as your cleaning water. Of course there are always the shower and bath.The Flower Essence sprays I spray on the relevant chakras or walls or in the air.

  5. Wonderful article and some wonderful comments, so much useful information! My sleeping has been horrendous lately (before that was just ‘awful’) so the tips here will definitelly be used. Thank you. I have had a ‘heavy’ feeling over the past 2 weeks and to myself I was wondering why this time round the Taurus energy was draining me so much…heavy going, not just stabilising as it does usually. CJ, your wonderful Year~Seer put me in a Personal 1 Year..so that made sense – this time I cannot just do the Air sign surfing the wave..I have to get in there and work at it! Regarding salt..I keep a small bowl of sea salt under my bed, which I was told will help protect during sleep. Thank you to everyone for some interesting ideas.

    1. Yep! The 1 Year is the time to get crackin’ for sure, harder to do when we’re lethargic and dragging. Maybe this lifting of the energy will help. I’m cleaning my office this morning and trying to move the chi around. It’s a gorgeous day and the windows are open which helps move the energy around, too.

  6. Great article and useful comments , cj. Thank you.

    Love the tip about wrapping the room in golden light. Enjoyed seeing all the personal styles.

    I burn loose white sage in an abalone shell and walk through every room in the house, taking time to move the smoke into every corner and to follow the lines from bottom to top and down again in each door frame while chanting, “May this room be filled with love and light. May every person who passes through this doorway be filled with love and light.”


  7. That’s such a lovely, affirming way to bless the house, it’s visitors and occupants, Sandra. I’m so glad you shared that with us.

        1. I’m sorry, jewelinthelotus. I skipped that part. Light barries are a type of meditation. Envision the light surrounding your entire body. You can choose any color that you want for specific meditations. Pink for love, green for healing, white for almost anything.

          To protect yourself, envision white light surrounding you. You can start with the top of your head, feel the white light moving down and spiraling around your body until it touches your toes. You can push the white light outward or move it inward toward you. It’s an invisible force that you place between yourself and others. Try this and let me know how it works for you.

  8. Hi cj
    I am having a hard time figureing out why to focus on clearing out. my Taurus is in the 11th house and my Scorpio is in my 5th house ( does it matter that it’s retrograde?) I’m feeling a bit heavy
    Thank you

    1. Those are the houses of friends (11th) and lovers (5th), among lots of other things. Planets in those houses will make a huge difference, too. Maybe this Full Moon can help you figure out where the heaviness is coming from so that you can start to find some relief. Take a look at today’s Full Moon post, if you haven’t already. Connecting with the heart center opens our eyes.

      1. Thanks! my venus and jupiter are in taurus and my pluto is in scorpio.

  9. “Taurus is the sign of life. Scorpio is the sign of the dead. ”
    When it comes to housekeeping I’m reaching for the energy forms in my life where Taurus = industry, & Scorpio = regeneration.
    We’ll see.

    1. Regeneration can come from fanning the embers, ej. I know there’s some great things out there for you.

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