A Poem for the Scorpio Moon ~ Goodnight Moon by Ivan M. Granger

Goodnight Moon

Beloved, tell me —Why do you come
only when I
orphan my ambitions?

Why do you show
only when all hope
has fled?

Why, Honeyed Moon,
will you meet me
only on my funeral bed?

And, tell me —

Why won’t the dead
stay dead?


Ivan M. Granger hosts the amazing site, Poetry Chaikhana, Sacred Poetry from Around the World. He presents poetry from many cultures throughout our history, most often accompanied with his insightful commentaries.  From the commentary on his commentaries, Ivan tells us “My observations on these poems should not be read as the single, absolute meaning. A poem, like a dream, has layers of meaning — and that meaning can shift over time and from differing perspectives.” You can read more from Ivan’s immense collection of poems with a moon theme here.