Funny Thing, Those Tarot Cards

Truth Seeker's Tarot

Do you pull a tarot card every day or so? Every once in a while, we pull one that we just have to laugh about because of the synchronicity.

It’s fun to pull a card in the morning and then review it at the end of the day. Sometimes the connections between the card and the day’s events are especially strong. I usually jot dot a quick note on my desk calendar about my first impression of the card ~ just a word or two, nothing long-winded. I’ve been pulling a lot of Wands recently. Yesterday, it was the Ace of Wands, and my note was “Fire!! Energy.”

I did have a lot of energy yesterday. I was out and about running short trips through the neighborhood and taking care of errands (Aries on my 3rd house), so that was a simple way to see how the card reflected my day’s activities.

Just as I thought I was settled in for the evening, I noticed huge amounts of smoke billowing from a house just a few doors down from me. Where’s there’s smoke, there’s fire, right?! Fire?! OMG!

My husband and I jump in the truck to run over and see if the neighbor’s house is on fire, cell phone in hand to make a 911 call. Turns out it was a lot of smoke billowing from their barbecue grill. (Take it easy on the lighter fluid, neighbors!) We sort of laugh it off, but hope our neighbors would jump into action for us.

As we walk in the door, we hear our security alarm going off ~ wuuhp, wuuhp, wuuhp, wuuhp, wuuhp, wuuhp. We’ve only been gone for 4 or 5 minutes! What’s going on? Turns out that my mother-in-law had unknowingly set off her medic alert. “Do you hear that alarm?” I ask. Uh-huh, she nods, standing at the table eating potato chips. I rush to push in the code.

Fifteen minutes later, I see headlights in my driveway. Paramedics are on the scene, lights swirling. Thank goodness, their siren wasn’t blaring. We explained what happened, had a nice chat and some laughs, and they went on their way. All’s well that ends well, I suppose.

So what’s my card of the day today? The Ace of Wands again! Hi-yi-yi-yi!

12 thoughts on “Funny Thing, Those Tarot Cards

    1. I’ve had a great day so far, Mimi, but I think I’m staying in and keeping a close eye on things. And NOT barbecuing. 🙂

  1. Ha ha! I love the “Tarot in real life” kind of stories. I guess for you, it was the false alarm Ace. Glad everyone was okay! 🙂

  2. Maybe drawing the Ace of Wands put something inside on red alert and you were ready to get into the action and prevent some terrible consequences..the Universe heard you and managed to put the brakes on too!

    Don’t you just love co-creation!!!

    Seriously, I am glad no-one and nothing was harmed in the making of this story…

    I may try it tomorrow and see what story I can add to my life so far…

  3. You’re too funny, Penny: “no-one and nothing was harmed in the making of this story…”

    I think you’re right about being on alert. I am definitely grateful for the warning.

  4. Hilarious! You are such a good story teller CJ and I loved all the analogies with the Tarot card in question. Let’s hope your card of the day brings in Cups to calm the emotions and the fiery energy of yesterday.

  5. The cards foretell many interesting events…I’m a cartomaner – interpreter of divination by a standard deck of playing cards. I am always amazed by what I see happen in my clients’ life and by what I experience in my own life.

  6. Just now getting a chance to see this! Pretty funny (glad it turned out that way!).. I would hope Wands are more good-humored; not Tower-like.

    I love this deck’s depiction.. Thanks for sharing it. Now I must go Google The Truth Seeker’s Tarot to see more cards (Ha! As if I need another deck!).. Happy (almost) New Moon!

  7. I adore this deck and it has become one of my standards. The minors are pips, slightly adorned, and the deck is gold foiled in areas.

    Happy New Moon to you, too, Beth.

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