Perfect Planting Days for Flowers

The garden adores super-fertile Pisces and prefers Libra for bodacious blossoms. The Sun is in Pisces and the Moon is in Libra Feb. 20-21st. That means they’re in cahoots to bring some beautiful Spring flowers your way. If it’s warm enough to plant in your area, these are glory days. It works for container plants, too, so if you’re worried about cold nights ahead ~ just bring them in for the night.


Doesn’t Pisces/Libra sound like a relaxing, soothing, and visually restorative combination?

Moon gardening also applies to transplanting and repotting. I purchased three small pots of gorgeous little columbines today that I’m going to repot and try on my front porch this year. If it gets near freezing again, I’ll set them right inside the front door till the day warms up a bit. I sure wouldn’t mind a few more cold nights before the temps reach 90+°, so I’m already dreaming about having to bring them in.

If you don’t have a garden, keep in mind that gardening by the Moon applies to indoor plants and flowers, too. Outdoor, indoor ~ doesn’t matter. Our voiceless ones always know where the Moon is.

6 thoughts on “Perfect Planting Days for Flowers

  1. We’ve got some beautiful daffodils and bluebells coming up in our garden right now…the first color of spring. Gorgeous!

    1. Hurray!! My first daffodils bloomed yesterday, Mandi. I always get such a kick out of the first to bloom.

  2. We had a warm spell here, and one little crocus popped out. I was very happy to see the tiny flower, but felt sad because it’ll go back to being freezy-cold in a day or two!

    1. That is kind of sad. Those early bloomers fill us with hope, though, and give us a couple of days of pleasure. A hyacinth I planted did that and got hit by a freeze, but it’s sending up another shoot now. A bit dwarfed, but it’s hanging in there.

  3. It was my 30th birthday this 21st. I am a Pisces Sun with an inconjunct moon in Libra, along with Saturn & Jupiter in Libra. I’ve always felt a little uncomfortable with this combination, so thanks for your summary of it as a “relaxing, soothing, and visually restorative”. People often say that I create this feeling for them, maybe now I’ll believe them.

    Looking forward to starting my tomato seedlings in a week or two. Have some black varietals I’m looking forward to trying.

    1. Happy Birthday, Phoebe! You said you felt uncomfortable with your sun/moon combo. The inconjunct always struck me as the “Goldilocks aspect.” It’s hard to find something that’s Just Right. The air tempers the water, though, and can keep the water person from losing all perspective emotionally. (I have experience with this combo myself.) It’s easy to imagine bubbles under water with this combo ~ like in an aquarium. It’s those bubbles that keep the water alive.

      Good luck with your tomatos! I’ve never had a black varietal, so I’m about to google them and be on the lookout for them.

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