Full Moon in Leo ~ Ramblings on the Leo/Aquarius Axis

What’s the first sign you think of when you hear the words love or romance? Libra will get the majority of votes, but it really belongs to Leo and our 5th house. Libra is about long-term commitment. Love and romance can be the foundation of some long-term commitments, but love is not a requirement of Libra or the 7th. Commitment is.

The Leo/Aquarius axis defines two types of love ~ eros (romance) and phileo (friendship). Leo wants the devotion of a lover, the feeling of being “in love,” and to pour adoration onto the object of its affections.

Aquarius loves “everyone,” but without the messy involvement that Leo craves. To go further, Aquarius loves humanity, but not necessarily people. The sign of friendship has no strings attached, allowing and expecting a lot of personal freedom. Leo, on the other hand, puts a short leash on its subjects.

Aquarius and Leo refer to the signs, by the way, not the people born under that sign. A sign isn’t a person.

I’m going to digress for an Aquarian moment and talk about my major astrological pet peeve ~ sign hatred and people who hate particular signs. They usually have their own unresolved issues with the qualities of a sign that they “hate.” If you encounter an astrologer who says they hate a sign or focus on its negative qualities first, RUN! Who needs counselling from an astrologer who doesn’t like a sign? If you have issues with a particular sign, you don’t need to go any further than that. Work on those issues first. Come out of denial, repression, suppression ~ whatever is at work ~ and get to work on healing those issues. It may be all you ever need from astrology.

"Breakthrough" from DE ES' Philosophers Stone Deck

But back to Leo, love, romance and our Full Moon. Full Moons bring a two-week window to work on something that is in high focus with release being an important part of the equation. It’s not necessary to start at precisely the moment the Moon is Full, but by the time the New Moon arrives you should have said “so long” to a troubling matter. 

With the Leo/Aquarius emphasis, ask yourself, “Is this an affair or a friendship or maybe something else completely different?” Let go of whatever isn’t working in the equation. Have an Aquarian breakthrough and get to the heart of the matter.

We can have affairs with any crush that turns into an obsession. If we love it after the obsession, it’s no longer a 5th house issue. It becomes a part of our 7th house ~ it has longevity. Have you ever wondered if that person you’ve been sitting across the table from for 20 years should have been an affair or a friendship instead? That’s the 7th house gone wrong. You don’t have to toss out the relationship if that’s the case, but you could benefit from a breakthrough of understanding just what that relationship really is. It may morph into an Aquarian friendship or a contractual agreement a la Libra.

An affair or friendship doesn’t have to be with a person. It can be with a hobby, the kind of work you do for a period of time, a particular kind of wine ~ I just can’t get enough Merlot! Then Merlot becomes Pinot Grigio, then Chardonnay, and then something else. Those are affairs. They are meant for pleasure. We can even befriend something or someone we’re not particularly fond of. We can be Aquarian comrades without affection.

This is the balance beam that Leo and Aquarius straddle. Love or friendship, both, or something else?

Leo has some of the most endearing qualities in the zodiac ~ devotion, loyalty, dignity, generosity, creativity, and a childlike wonder. Those are hard to top. It also has some of the most frustrating qualities ~ melodrama, megalomania, delusions of grandeur, mistaking trendy labels for enduring value, and it can be absolutely dictatorial. Those are hard to top, too. But you know what they say about true love ~ it’s loving warts and all.

Oh, as an aside for those who are looking for soul mates through 5th or 7th house relationships, I heard someone say the other day that your soul mate is not focused on the size of your tookus. I wish I could remember where I heard it. If you know who said it, please remind me.

Leo craves appreciation and attention, and why not? The Sun, Leo’s ruler, needs to be supported and nurtured no matter what sign or house it’s in. It’s at the center of the solar system and the center of who we are. It teaches us about self-love and how, without it, we’re unable to love others. When astrologers tell us to let our light shine when referring to Leo and the Sun, it’s really not a trivial statement. Without it, nothing else matters. Aquarius supports Leo by reminding us to be who we really are. No fake Suns, no hiding under bushels allowed.

Leo is listening to its heart when it says, “Give all that you’ve got if you truly want to be loved.” Thus, don’t hold back on being your radiant self if you wish to be filled with the admiration of others. Love what you do, do it with all your heart, and others will then love and honor you, too. ~ Bil Tierney, All Around the Zodiac

I came across a wonderful article I’d like to pass on to you ~ Do You Feel Loved or Unloved? by Dr. Margaret Paul ~ an excellent topic to explore during the next two weeks. It may bring some insights on what to release as the Leo Full Moon wanes.

Note: The photo of Breakthrough is from The Philosphers Stone self-awareness deck by DE ES. It is no longer in print, but is a fascinating study. You can see all photos from the deck here.

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5 thoughts on “Full Moon in Leo ~ Ramblings on the Leo/Aquarius Axis

  1. Thank you for the great post. It’s good to be reminded of how important friendship can be to romance. Having a solid foundation based on mutual respect and acceptance is so important, not just to help get a relationship off the ground, but to give it staying power as well. I appreciate your ability to explain things in a way that makes it easy to understand. I look forward to pointing my clients to your informative blog.

    1. Thanks for the kind words, Pamela. What you said is so true. What is romance without friendship? Think about how much time the collective “we” have wasted on lovers we didn’t like.

  2. What an insightful post. I guess I need to have an Aquarian breakthrough big time since the Leo full moon was in my 2nd house, opposing all those Aquarian planets transiting my 8th house.

    1. There’s quite a line up opposing the Moon in this month’s Full Moon chart. Leo has its work cut out for it, for sure. Your name is fantastic, EastCoastVirgolicious!

  3. Hi CJ..wonderful post! Had me thinking a lot..which is good! Yes, us Librans love the romance bit..but we are more moved emotionally by kind words and deeds from our friends than bunches of flowers from lovers! Sign I feel uncomfortable around (don’t like to say dislike)..Scorpio. I have had a few very heavily Scorpio influenced types pass through my life and I have always had a problem with them in one way or another. The only thought I have is that I find them very overwhelming , very limiting to me, personally! It’s like they do not understand my freedom of action and thought and take it way too personally. What a subject for long discussions…!!! Thank you x

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