Moon in Capricorn Feb. 26-28th ~ Strong Roots

This weekend promises strong plant foundations (roots) for all the garden warriors who are up for transplanting some shrubs or small trees. Capricorn is hardy and the 3rd quarter waning moon is wonderful for developing root systems, so get those shovels, trowels, and bengay ointments ready.


I’m transitioning my garden to containers in hopes of saving my knees and back. There’s a lot less weeding with containers, if any, but more attention to watering needs is mandatory. I’d rather hold a hose than a shovel any day. As I move heartily into my Third Act, I’d like to do it with less backbreaking work and more time for sitting in the shade enjoying the view.

Several of my in-ground plants will be “moving house” this weekend to some large pots where they’ll get to mingle with some friends they’ve only been able to wave at across the yard. I’m testing it out with some very inexpensive ($12) large pots I bought at a bargain store, so if the transition isn’t as successful as I hope, my investment in pots isn’t off the charts.

It’s also a good weekend for planning and laying out the structure of your garden. And since Capricorn is very penny-savvy, you may find you get more bang for your book when making purchases. Quality, too.

4 thoughts on “Moon in Capricorn Feb. 26-28th ~ Strong Roots

  1. The spirit is willing, but I can’t make myself get out there in the cold dirt yet to transplant anything. We have snow on the ground here in Port Orchard, WA and it just doesn’t seem the right time to torture myself. LOL

    1. Hi, Carol. It’s all about being “in the zone,” right? I’m in Zone 8 (Georgia) so this weekend promises to be a beauty. It’s 70 right now, which means 90’s are on their way already. I’d trade that snowy weekend with you in a heartbeat, to tell you the truth, and next month’s (or the month after) is just fine for shrubs and a Cap Moon. 🙂

  2. Thanks Auntie Moon. It is always nice to get a post from you. To think about the interconnections between where we do in life and what life does to us. Happy Growing in your Third Act. @Peta_de_Aztlan on Twitter.

  3. Once again, perfect timing for great advice. I have a couple of rose bushes that were planted on the corner of my lot, much too close to the road. It seems like they’ve been run over more times than I care to count. I’ve been concerned about moving them, wondering if they could stand the stress. It sounds like this weekend is the perfect time to find them a safer home. Thank you!

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