What if You Were a Virgo?

Each of us has Virgo somewhere in our natal chart, and we may or may not be comfortable with our Virgo traits and tendencies. Imagine for a minute that everything in your chart remains exactly the same, with one exception ~ your Sun is now in Virgo. How would you respond to this newfound energy and how do you think it would impact your image, behavior, and concept of yourself?

  • By House ~ How would you handle this new focus in your life? For example, if you find that you now have an 11th house Virgo Sun, how might your life be different because of your friends? If Virgo is on your 2nd house, would you handle your financial affairs differently?
  • Aspects ~ Imagining that all the other planets in your chart remained the same, what new skills or talents would a Virgo Sun bring to your everyday life? Would the new squares and trines to your Sun benefit or challenge you? (Don’t worry about orbs for this exercise, just use aspects by signs or elements.)
  • The Primal Triad ~ What type of behavior and responses can you imagine if your Moon and Ascendant remained the same, but you now had a Virgo Sun?
  • A New Ruling Planet ~ There are some who say that Chiron is a major contender as the modern ruler of Virgo. How much more prominence would you give to Chiron in your chart?

Why is This “What if” Game Important?

As the Sun travels through each sign of the zodiac, we are involved with issues related to that house in our natal chart. If that house is populated with planets, the focus is intensified. If it’s an empty house, we may not notice as much activity. It’s entirely possible that ~ even with an empty house ~ things are going on behind the scenes that are not in high focus. Attending to the hidden details of that house as the Sun ~ or any transiting planet ~ passes through it can bring clarity and security and, if we’re lucky, some joy and fun.

If You Were a Virgo

  • Would you pay more attention to your appearance, diet, or health? How would this change your life today?
  • How would your Mars respond to your analytical abilities? Would you be braver or more timid in offering your opinions?
  • How would your Venus change? Would you be more discerning in your personal relationships? (Mercury and Venus are always close to the Sun, so in reality they would probably change signs, too, but this is just a “what if” exercise. We’re thinking outside the wheel with this one.)
  • What volunteer organizations would you be drawn to?

What are some other things that might become prominent in your chart if you had a Virgo Sun?

For those who are really Virgos, what insights can you share with us about your Sun’s house? How has your Sun’s house played a role in defining your life?


If you’d like to know more about Chiron and Virgo in your chart, check with The Radical Virgo herself ~ Joyce Mason.

12 thoughts on “What if You Were a Virgo?

  1. One of my favorite chart aspects is my cancer sun- H1- exact sextile to saturn virgo- H3 ( 28′)

    I also have veunus in virgo- H3- exact sextile uranus in cancer- H12

    This is one FUN aspect- yet the virgo adds poised restraint..


    1. Krista, that poised restraint is something I admire sooooo much. My lunar nature has some trouble with that. Poised restraint in a cashmir sweater, to put your and Donna’s ideas together. That should be a tarot card. I suppose the 9 of Pentacles comes very, very close.

  2. Hi, Auntie. I find myself settling into the Virgo Sun the way I’d settle into a nice cashmir sweater…it feels nice to think about, as my only planet in earth is a less than earthy Neptune in Virgo. I have so few practical skills, and I’d like to think some of them would magically become part of me. I did go through progressed Sun in Virgo, and I did get more grounded and more able to handle the business part of my practice, but it was always an effort. Donna Cunningham

    1. What a nice analogy, Donna. Our “cashmir” days. That’s lovely.

  3. Hi Cj~ 🙂

    I am a Virgo 3rd house Sun with Venus in Leo and Mercury in Libra and my most enjoyable volunteer work were the years I assisted elementary school children with learning challenges. I also thoroughly enjoyed being the story-time reader.

    My Sun squares my Sagittarius Mars in the 6th and the biggest issue I have with this is that my Mars wants to espouse passionately on issues related to slavery/non-freedoms/bondage in all forms and then my Sun steps in and insists I be prudent in my choice of words and sometimes I then trash whatever I was going to say/write for I feel it just lost all of it’s impact by being made “perfectly correct”. Still working out the kinks…


    1. What good use of that 3rd house Virgo, Kachina. As far the Mars square, espouse! Espouse!

  4. I feel I have a strong Virgo influence in my chart because I have a stellium of three planets there at the top of my chart along with my south node. I tend to spend a lot of time in my daily life there. I am trying to learn to balance this. Since I have a Taurus sun in the 6th I wonder if it would be much different – still pretty work oriented?

    1. Taurus probably works more for the beauty and reward, while Virgo works. Both being earth, they’re similar. How do you bring the Pisces into your home? Do you have a water garden by any chance, cathie?

  5. CJ, thanks for the mention of The Radical Virgo! In my “Moonwalk: Virgo” post, I’m on your beam, also asking nonVirgos to try on some Virgo characteristics. After all, Halloween is just around the corner. Time to warm up for dress-up! 🙂

    I use Koch houses, and in that system, my last-degree Virgo Sun is in the 5th. I have to say, I live to create. I am happiest when I am creating, which for me, primarily means writing. While I have no human children, I have pet children–and my creations are my kids. I’m playful, but my Virgoness does have a bit of an issue with how much the 5th house brings me into the limelight–way outside my comfort zone. Hard to be behind the scenes in the 5th house. I have lots of squares in my chart, so I’m used to the Discomfort Zone.

    In Placidus and in Vedic, I’m extremely 6th house, including Sun. That’s even too radical for the Radical Virgo (Sun, Venus, Neptune, and Mercury). I’m a Virgo married to a Virgo during Virgo. What was I thinking??? LOL!

    1. HA! Are we to consider going as Virgos this Halloween? I think the costumes would be very well made.

      You are around a lot of Virgo energy for sure. I’m right behind you — a 6th house Sun, married to a Virgo, during Virgo (August 23rd). Happy Birthdays and Happy Anniversary to you and Mr. Radical.

      Oh, I forgot to mention that my Cancer Sun has progressed into Virgo.

    2. In fact, on The Radical Virgo masthead at the far left, that’s me dressed up as a Virgo for a costume party I threw in my twenties. Everyone came dressed as their Sun sign, and people were so creative! It’d make a nice Halloween theme party to come dressed as any sign but your own. You certainly are dressing as a Virgo with your progressed Sun. 🙂 Thanks on the good BD and anniversary wishes. Right back to you, CJ! With your 6th House Sun and Virgo hubby, you definitely know the Virgin turf!

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