Full Moon in Pisces ~ Feel Like You’re Swimming Upstream?

The Full Moon of August is known as the Full Sturgeon or Ripe Berries Moon. To followers of astrology, this is simply the Full Moon in Pisces ~ that time of the year when we seek to balance our everyday life with the hopeless abandon of handing control over to the unknown, the “mystery. “

The sturgeon is found around the world. It’s practically a dinosaur, covered with bony plates, and is especially sacred to the Native Americans of the Great Lakes territory. Like the salmon, the sturgeon swims upstream to spawn. Needless to say, it’s an arduous task rife with the possibility of death as an end to the journey, if not before, and a necessary part of the continuum of life.

You’ve been there ~ metaphorically ~ right? Taking steps toward something that can signal the end of life as you know it and that holds the promise ~ the possibility ~ of a new life once those steps are completed. It’s a sacrificial journey, but the reward is monumental, life altering. This is the promise of Pisces.

There are some who say that Virgo’s natural 6th house is a mystical house, positioned as it is across the wheel from the most mystical of all houses, the 12th. How can a house that’s so concerned with everyday matters and minutiae, frequently performed through redundant repetition, and focused on the body, have even a hint of mysticism? Because it’s intrinsically connected to “the source,” Pisces’ cozy little cottage in the otherworld. One of our 6th house duties is to take the inspiration, the “magic,” the spirit of the 12th and present it to mankind as an everyday, no-big-deal miracle. It’s also the challenge for the axis that Virgo/Pisces occupies. We have to make it work. In Pisces’ house, the tendency is to just trust that those matters will be provided for. In Virgo’s house, you must take that which you have been blessed with through Pisces and make it as plain and simple and workable as possible.

For those with a 6th house focus, this chore can certainly make you feel as though you’re swimming upstream. Being the secretary of the zodiac is more demanding than it might initially appear. It’s not easy bringing order to chaos. You have to carry out the “boss’s” orders, and yours is not the average boss. Yours is the boss of all bosses, the big guy in the sky, the all there is, the great spirit, the creatrix.

Wherever Pisces is in your chart, you are going to be carrying out her orders in your Virgo house. It’s a direct line from the source, and you’d better pay attention to the details of your Virgo house or you’ll find swimming upstream on the return journey more arduous than you can possibly imagine. This is karma at work. You are the Head Butler in this area of your chart and you have to make the issues it governs appear effortless and seamless to those who are being served.

Full Sturgeon Moon from Photobucket

The Sturgeon and Hiawatha ~ Journey through Pisces

In the poem, The Song of Hiawatha, Hiawatha goes to battle with the Big Fish, Nahma, a sturgeon. Nahma sends several decoys to battle Hiawatha, but Hiawatha is not fooled by Nahma’s illusions. Eventually, he lures Nahma to the surface but is swallowed whole, canoe and all, by the great sturgeon. He thrashes the  canoe back and forth inside the great fish and eventually lands Nahma on the riverbank where he slashes the fish from the inside and overtakes him. He calls on the seagulls to slash the fish from the outside to hasten his escape.

“O ye sea-gulls! O my brothers!
I have slain the sturgeon, Nahma;
Make the rifts a little larger,
With your claws the openings widen,
Set me free from this dark prison”   

From The Song of Hiawatha by Henry Wordsworth Longfellow

Pisces is, indeed, associated with “prisons,” but they don’t have to be the county jail or life without parole. We each have the capacity to build our own Inner Prison from which we must eventually break free. Once the process is started, we can call on the seagulls in our lives to help us escape. Who are your seagulls?

Note about the Sturgeon: Because of mills along river banks, the Sturgeon’s journey has become more and more difficult, reducing the numbers of this great fish and placing it on the endangered list in many areas. This fish is slow to mature, taking about 20 years, so its numbers continue to dwindle.

6 thoughts on “Full Moon in Pisces ~ Feel Like You’re Swimming Upstream?

  1. Just beautifully written, CJ. Artful storytelling – perfect for this Full Moon. And I got an insight about my own Virgo House (7th), or the hints, I should say, to see my ‘karma’ there in a new light.

    1. Thank you, Molly. I’ll be looking more deeply into my own Virgo karma at this Full Moon, too, and hunkering down this next month of Virgo on those issues. Since they are at the forefront right now, anyway, it’s time to tap the source AND make it a lot more seamless than it’s been recently.

  2. Hi CJ!

    I’m new here and have been so enjoying your recent writings. Your piece on this Pisces Full Moon is enormously inspiring and eye opening for me. The 6th/12th house Axis is an important one for me, as my Chart Ruler, Saturn lies within my 6th House (Cancer on cusp) and it opposes my Moon in Capricorn in the 12th (focal point of a Yod)! What I need to understand is the 2nd House ruled by Pisces, venus there as well in Aries, and 8th House ruled by Virgo, with Neptune there in Libra. Not sure about all that, but I do get the 6th and 12th meaning which is very rich. I feel free today and centered.

    Thank you for your wonderful work!


    1. That second house Pisces is certainly a conundrum, standing there in the most earthbound of houses. We share that second house Pisces, by the way. Pisces has a lot of veils there, with Virgo guarding the other house of mystery, the 8th. Especially with Neptune there. I also have that placement. This could prove to be a very serious couple of years with Saturn travelling through the 8th. Take a very close look at all your “important” documents–insurance, loans, taxes, mortgages, wills, anything that “really” belongs to–or will belong to–others. Mercury’s retrograding and, with a thorough review, that will help uncover some hidden (and possibly good) things. Trust. And then fix everything you find that needs fixing. Pisces is the benefactor. We’re the stewards.

  3. I love this and you AM,

    So sad to see the end of this mighty fish – and, sadly in Russia too, since the end of the order of Communism. (Sounds crazy but true that some kind of govt took better care of the natural resources than no govt aka free mkts did.)

    I wanted to share this below with you – a strange bit of self-love creeping into my Virgo soul (I will never be good enuf heart) becoz you have written so heart-fully about our much maligned sign.

    From a friend: I think he captured Virgo so wonderfully well, I felt quite beautiful!

    ‘I thought of you today
    As I drove along a country road following the “Berry Patch” signs
    Turning up a country lane I always thought was just a private driveway
    I thought of you today
    As I parked the car on the grassy knoll overlooking some mile estuary
    And gazed upon the hundreds of water lillies floating in the murky water
    I thought of you today
    As I chatted to the friendly owner and reminusced about my youth
    Of summer spend picking raspberries for 5 cents a pint
    And celebrating earning a full $2.00 if I managed to pick a crate of 36
    I thought of you today
    As I sat on the bench kindly provided by the folksy owner
    Hunkering down to pluk the bountiful and ripe red gooseberries by the handful
    I thought of you today
    As I wandered down the rows of rich ripe purple raspberries lush and tasty
    Eschewed by other in favour of the bright red but less flavourful varieties
    I thought of you today
    And wished you were there beside to revel in the summer bounty
    Knowing how excited you would be to capture the flavours for a winters morn

    I am blessed to have a friend in both of you.

    Ye Virgs

    1. That’s beautiful, Sabina. Our Ripe Berries Moon sings for knowing it was written. Thank you for sharing it with us.

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