Full Moon in Pisces ~ Heavenly Perfection

The Full Moon is that precious time in the Moon’s path through the night sky when she finds herself in perfect balance with the Sun. From our perspective here on Earth, she has positioned herself in Pisces so that she may reflect the more radiant qualities of her Sister Sun in Virgo. She is showing us the way toward heavenly perfection.

She is, however, in crisis, perched as she is on the sixth/twelfth house axis. Here we find our need to balance our everyday duties and services to others with sanctuary from them. Sometimes, we just need to get away. This is why you’ll find people with strong placements along this axis needing periods of solitude and their own private space to escape the duties they are both compulsive about and weary of. They need time to recharge their cosmic batteries before re-entering a world where precision and constant production is a daily expectation. These are not wimpy types, as we may have been led to believe. Their’s is a massive undertaking ~ please man and God. Can you see why sanctuary is not an indulgence, but a necessity?

From Colette Baron-Reid’s Wisdom of the Hidden Realms Oracle Deck

Everything contains its opposite within itself. That’s why we’ll find at-one-with-all Pisces super organized in some area of their life or detail-driven Virgos abandoning themselves to chaos when the world is too much with them now and then. Needless to say, alternative forms of escape when the world is too much through drugs or alcohol are short-lived attempts at sanctuary. The body may feel relief, but the soul doesn’t rest. Eventually, Virgo’s body and Pisces’ desire to merge are worn out, all the while still longing for that heavenly perfection they set out so long ago to attain.

This Full Moon in Pisces has both planetary rulers in retrograde. Mercury analyzes; Neptune dreams. Surely this is a call for retreat ~ a time to slip into imagination and take a closer look at what might be. There is so much available in that vast sea of creativity. When Mercury re-enters the mainstream world, Neptune will still be dreaming, but what’s wrong with a dream backing up your everyday life? It’s heavenly. It’s perfect.

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