Decans and Duads of Leo

Decans are 10° divisions of the zodiac that add just a little extra flavor to the signs. With the decans of Leo, we get the influence of fire signs Sagittarius and Aries added to the second and third decans. Any planet located in Leo will receive the planetary influence of the Sun (Leo’s ruler) and a subruler (Sun, Jupiter, or Mars).

The Basics

Leo is a fixed fire sign ruled by the Sun and holds sway over the 5th house in the natural wheel of the zodiac. A few keywords are:

  • Bold
  • Stubborn
  • Dramatic
  • Royal
  • Loyal
  • Egotistical
  • Loving

The fifth house of your chart indicates love affairs, children, risk-taking or gambling, creativity, sportsmanship, and playfulness.

Dates for birthdays in the descriptions of the decans are approximate. You would need to consult an ephemeris or have your chart drawn to be sure.

First Decan Leo ~ 0-9.59°

This decan is both ruled and subruled by the Sun and, therefore, carries the purest Leo energy. Your birthdays range from July 22nd – August 1st, depending on the year. If you’re a New Moon baby (Sun and Moon in Leo), have your sun within first 2½ degrees of Leo, or you have your Sun and other planets in the 5th house, the influence of the Sun and Leo will be strengthened in your chart. Does the phrase Great Balls of Fire! mean anything to you? Goodness gracious! However do you discharge all that solar energy?

Second Decan Leo ~ 10-19.59°

Birthdays in this decan range from August 1st – 11th. This decan is subruled by the planet Jupiter, so it has a bit of a Sagittarian flare to it. Add a philosophical slant or a love of exploration to your Sun’s description. The strongest Sag/Jupiter influence will be found from 10-12.29° of this decan. Planets trining your Sun from Sagittarius will strengthen the influence, as will Jupiter in aspect to your Sun. Are you a second decan Leo with a 9th house Sun? Holy blazes! No wonder you feel at home there.

Third Decan Leo ~ 20-29.59°

Here are the Arian Leos, born August 12th-23rd. You are subruled by Mars and have a little bonus that comes with that. The Sun is exalted in Aries, meaning it finds great ease of expression there. With the Aries influence, you are a true dynamo and a fierce defender of those you love. More timid souls may find you too hot to handle at times, but may also find your leadership qualities hard to resist. The strongest influence of the subruler in this decan will be found at 20-22.29°. If Mars is aspecting your Sun, you have other planets in Aries, or you have a first house Sun, this influence will be felt more intensely.

Duads of Leo

Each sign can be also be divided into 12 sections, with each 2½° falling under the rulership of a sign and planet. To determine the duads, always start with the first 2½ degrees belonging to the sign’s ruler and then progress through the zodiac. This is a much subtler influence than the decan’s ruler, but may give you a better understanding of any planet placed in Leo. Starting degrees are noted for each duad.

Degrees and Rulers of Leo’s Duads:

Leo Decan: Ruled and Subruled by the Sun
0 ~ Leo, The Sun
2½  ~ Virgo, Mercury
5  ~ Libra, Venus
7½ ~ Scorpio, Mars and Pluto

Sagittarius Decan: Ruled by the Sun, Subruled by Jupiter
10 ~ Sagittarius, Jupiter
12½ ~ Capricorn, Saturn
15 ~ Aquarius, Saturn and Uranus
17½ ~ Pisces, Jupiter and Neptune

Aries Decan: Ruled by the Sun, Subruled by Mars
20 ~ Aries, Mars
22½ ~ Taurus, Venus
25  ~ Gemini, Mercury
27½ ~ Cancer, The Moon

Do you notice the added influence that the subruler of your decan brings? How is it supported in your chart ~ by house placement, aspect, other planets?

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16 thoughts on “Decans and Duads of Leo

  1. My Moon is 1 Leo 59′. I don’t know if I notice a more Leonine quality. However, I was thinking just yesterday, that I’m a very solar person versus being a more lunar type.

  2. Ok, I’ll bite. I’m not a Leo, but I have a planet in Aries (Jupiter) and a few in Sag(sun, moon, merc)
    at 21 degrees of Leo, I have pluto in my 5th house. so this Pluto is supercharged by both the Decan (Aries/Mars) and the Duad, Arian again.

    Is this why everyone calls me an “Italian mother?”

    1. The decans are stronger, the duads add a little extra flavor. I don’t think they get the attention they deserve, but I look for symbols everywhere.

    1. It works so well with tarot, too, Karen. A decan for each of the minor cards.

  3. D’oh posted too quickly. Looking at the information surrounding my Jupiter and Venus – people often look at those being there and think ‘whooooo up yourself much’ but you look at this perfectly accurate, traditional bliss.

    Jupiter at 5 degrees – Libra/Venus – nice when I consider the square to my Nodes and the beauty or DOOM that has been my relationship journey with love, money, controlling others and my self-esteem.

    Venus at 16 degrees – Aquarius, Saturn, Uranus – in opposition to my Rising and quincunx to my Moon – need I say more!

    I was just saying how Fire is my lacking element and you can see why perfectly with these information tidbits.

    Awesome xo

  4. Aha! Uranian breakthrough!

    My 25o Leo Uranus suddenly makes much better sense!

    I am absolutely no astrologer but I want to learn. I took your Sun/Leo information and applied it to my Uranus Leo 4th that I really just do not “get” and suddenly I see where’s it’s been all along.

    Gonna ponder all the Gemini/Mercury in my chart to look for Uranian pixie dust. XD

    1. I’m glad y’all are getting some use (or at least some fun) from the decans and duads. They hold these tiny little secrets that it’s so fun to unwrap. Parin, this helps clear up your blind spot about Uranus, right? That is an aha breakthrough!

      1. Oh you bet it does, sweetie! My Uranus is healed, you might say.

        Today, I had a Leo Uranus 4th Mercury/Gemini moment and for perhaps the first time in my life, the whole thing “worked”.

        My mother is Gemini personified. She’s an Adult Child of an Alcoholic parent (no secret). She came to me with something she couldn’t handle. I applied a dose of Sag Sun 8th trine Leo Uranus 4th to Mrs. Gemini, we developed a plan, and she nearly cried for joy. I’ve been helping my mother for nearly 5 decades but today, added just a sprinkle of Uranian/Mercury pixie dust! Normally I use all my Taurus Asc to restore her to a calm frame of mind before we talk. Today I approached the whole thing from a Sun trine Uranus direction and it was like magic.

        I’ve been doing this little trick for years but didn’t consider it worthy. It’s a little smoke and mirrors kind of thing. Always made me feel like a “sham”, like I was tricking people. Never, and I mean never before did it occur to me to ever attempt it in an “Leo Uranus 4th opp Aquarius Chiron 10th” manner to my 4th House parent–to use it for good to help my mother, you might say. I’ve never used it for bad but you can believe it’s gotten me safely out of Sag scrapes before!

        I’ll be pondering how to best and most positively utilize the Uranian pixie dust to “hit people where they live”. And figuring out how to keep my Scorpio Moon where it belongs which is not as custodian of the pixie dust. Talk about fox guarding the hen house!

        I sincerely hope this makes sense! Seems rather babbly. If it doesn’t make sense I’ll add a sprinkle of pixie dust and see what happens. XD

        1. Yes, it makes sense and I’m so glad you found a tool that you can use is such a constructive way. Uranus is the “higher octave” of Mercury so they like each other, and you’ve also found some Leo gold. I’m so glad to hear that it helped you and your Mom. Hurray! Hurray!

  5. Sun: 16º Leo, 9th house, trine 26º Sagittarius moon.

    I always wanted to learn the Meaning of Life! Why are we here? What’s the point?
    You know, questions, questions, can’t live without them.
    And freedom (of thought, opinion) is very important.

    Concerning duads:
    – Sun leo sextile Uranus (11th house)
    – Saturn semisquare Sun from the 8th house (occult)

    A few years ago I discovered Astrology and saw that that was the way to understand better (life and meaning).

    My Jupiter is at 5º55 Aquarius – I don’t think the orb applies to be an opposition, but I thought I’d mentioned it.

    Good article.


    1. All of a sudden, there’s a discovery about the connection between your sun and moon! Isn’t that cool?

      Astrology is a fantastic way to understand life, Dunya. I’m always grateful that I found this path.

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