Sun in Taurus / Moon in Leo

Sun in Taurus/ Moon in Leo
May 18, 5:06pm ~ May 20, 7:58pm
Signs are Square
Venus enters Cancer ~ May 19, 9:05pm
Sun enters Gemini ~ May 20, 11:34pm

  • Be a little hedonistic
  • Dramatize a value
  • Create your palace

If you would be loved, love and be loveable. ~ Ben Franklin

Be a Little Hedonistic

What a pair Taurus and Leo are! You gotta love ’em. They both have a natural inclination toward the good life and sensory pleasures, and both can be quite loving and generous. Yes, Taurus loves to shower the ones they love. This can be a very sexy combination and might be a bit hedonistic. We don’t have to go overboard ~ whatever “overboard” might be ~ but a little hedonism every now and again. Why not?

Dramatize a Value

Pray ~ Image by frozenminds on Flickr

What does that mean? Dramatize? State your case. Tell your story. Not in a melodramatic or pompous way, but a way that is alive. Let’s say you’re at a gathering where someone said something derogatory about people not waiting for prayer before eating a meal at a national conference. I had this exact dilemma just yesterday.

It’s a very common occurrence in the southern U.S. for a prayer to be said before every type of meeting imaginable, public or private. Someone said something a little snippy about the people who started eating before a prayer was said as though they were horrible people who’d committed a terrible sin. I’m accustomed to and accepting of a variety of faiths and philosophies and don’t adhere to “there’s only one way” beliefs. Should I say something to the complainers or let it pass?

I didn’t let it pass.

I dramatized my values by explaining ~ by way of an example, a dramatization ~ of why non-Southerners of any creed might not wait for a prayer before sitting down to a meal at a conference. There was no melodrama, just a simple explanation of the difference in cultures and faiths across our country and our world. I don’t think anyone was offended and I stood up for my values. I let them know that I’m not going to judge someone on whether or not they wait for grace to be said before a meal. I hope I was able to get some of my neighbors to understand why prayers aren’t necessarily apropos for every occasion. Every situation is different, of course, and I’ll gauge my  dramatizations by the circumstances.

Being Fixed signs, Taurus and Leo can both become attached to their own viewpoints and set in their ways. That inability to allow others to be different has been the cause of wars, wars, and more wars ~ between opposed people, sects, or countries. As Queen Elizabeth II said, “True patriotism doesn’t exclude an understanding of the patriotism of others.” Same goes for faiths and prayers. There’s no way under heaven I would ever try to define God to someone.

Create Your Palace

There's no place like home

Now here’s something Taurus and Leo can definitely partner on! Your palace doesn’t have to be huge. It doesn’t have to be ostentatious. But it should definitely be yours. If you share space with others, you can always eke out a tiny space of your own. Even if the only private space you have is in your car, a cubicle at the office, or a favorite spot in a public space where you can get lost in the crowd, you can bring something to the environment that makes you feel like the space you’ve created is a jewel. There are no suggestions here. You know what makes you feel good.

At the Table…

Whatever it is, it needs to be gorgeous and seductive to work for Leo and Taurus. Dining is an art, after all. Presentation is paramount, but it has to be backed up with a great big helping of delicious!

I’ll never forget the only time I had Baked Alaska. It was at New York’s Rainbow Room where KT Sullivan was performing in cabaret. What a fantastic night! The topper? There was a fantastic view of Hale-Bopp through those gorgeous windows of the Rainbow Room! Talk about presentation! Taurus loved it. Leo loved it. And Aquarius was quite impressed, too.

For something a little more in keeping with normal life but still luscious and gorgeous in any form, Rose Elliott (The Zodiac Cookbook) lists chocolate cake with her Leo recipes. It will be hard to find a Taurus and Leo who aren’t square with that!!

…and In the Garden

The waxing Moon phase is great for planting, but the zodiac sign says “NO!” Fire signs are best for getting rid of pests and unwanted things. This is also a pretty good time for laying stones or gravel in your garden. The gravel or river stones are not supposed to sink if they’re layed during the light of the Moon ~ the waxing phase. Since Leo loves gorgeous, it’s a great time to beautify your plants. A snip here, a snip there almost always brings more blooms.

Bring Leo in to your environment ~ KnickKnack Zodiac for Leo

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  1. The perfect post for my birthday – me being a Taurus and my love being a Leo!

  2. Love reading this back post! (I’m a Taurus w/Leo Moon – hedonsism yeah!)

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