Sun in Taurus / Moon in Gemini ~ Tag the Mags

Sun in Taurus / Moon in Gemini
May 14 9:18am ~ May 16 1:44pm

  • Strengthen your relationships with your siblings.
  • Invest in your speaking voice.
  • Get 2-years-for-1 prices on magazine subscriptions to save some money.

Write solid sentences and you can even spare punctuation. ~ Emerson

Tag the Mags

Gemini loves magazines, and so do I ~ all kinds. My new favorites are Psychology Today and Scientific American Mind, but gardening magazines and “ladies” magazines are still old standbys. Ladies magazines are especially useful as an exercise in tracking the Moon. Here’s what you do ~

Pick an issue, doesn’t matter what month it is, and go through it looking for things that fit the sign for the month’s publication. We’re in Taurus now, so check out the April and May issues for Taurus-themed articles and news. It’s a little pop-quiz for yourself in identifying things that fall under the rulership of the signs. It’s also curious to see how the average publisher thinks along astrological lines without being aware of it. Or are they? Hmmmm. Food for thought.

Naturally, you’ll find newsbits, tips, and other articles that don’t fit the sign. In that case, do a little detective work. What sign does it fit? It will give you a whole new way of flipping through a mag.

If you’ve got a magazine you love, take them up on the 2-years-for -1 subscription rates that so many are offering now. Publishing is in big trouble, and there plenty of good deals to be found. Taurus will love you for getting such a bargain.

At the Table…

Are you feeling an urge to lighten up the meals following the New Moon in Taurus? Having feasted on prime rib last night, my Gemini taste buds are rising to the occasion. Keep it light, keep it simple.  Top it off with a little lemon sherbert or sorbet. Light, cool, refreshing! Ahhhh. If you’d like to ease a tummy, peppermint tea is excellent. Lemon and peppermint both belong to Mercury, so Gemini’s gotta love ’em.

…and in the Garden

Pinestraw Mulch

Fluff your mulch. You probably won’t find that in your almanac. Gemini rises and the Moon is New. Sometimes a little fluff o’ the mulch will make your whole garden look fresh again ~ without the added expense of buying more.

Having entered the waxing phase of the Moon, you can start focusing on plants that yield above the ground ~ think flowers instead of in-the-ground “crops” like onions, potatos, and carrots. There are no “crops” at my house; there’s too much shade here. Morning glories seem very Gemini to me (they’re so fleeting), but they’re assigned to Saturn. I did find a small sunny spot on a fence that they love. Do some scouting for a good place to plant morning glory and moon flower seeds when the Moon enters Virgo. Virgo is very partial to vines.


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5 thoughts on “Sun in Taurus / Moon in Gemini ~ Tag the Mags

  1. I love moon flowers! Where I used to live, moon flowers flourished on the sunny fence. But at this house, there’s lots of shade and no where to climb.
    Though, with all the shade, there is moss! Soft, plush moss!

    1. I did something very strange with the “skeleton” of a tree hibiscus that didn’t survive the winter. Instead of throwing it out, I left it in the pot and planted some moonflowers and morning glories. I set it in a sunny spot in my yard. It looks ridiculous sitting there, completely out of context. The vines are now starting to climb and I know there will be moon flowers and morning glories soon. I can move the pot anywhere I want — even inside if I want — to enjoy the scent of the moon flowers when they finally bloom. Anticipation!

  2. Psychology Today? Really? No actual psychologists take that magazine seriously AT ALL. It’s the tabloid of psychology. A few of their regular commentators are evolutionary psychologists who are known racists, sexists, and elitists and publish work backed by “psychology” to that effect. Drop that subscription, for the love of God.

    1. I don’t have a subscription. I’ve picked up several copies at the newstand, and have found some topics that interested me and pushed me toward some further reading. I’ll certainly pay attention to your advice, Lucy, and be on the lookout for the things you mention.

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