Full Moon in Aquarius ~ You Say You Want a Revolution

Oh, how I love Aquarius! There’s just something downright invigorating about it. Lying directly across the wheel from Leo, the sign of personal ego and the monarch, Aquarius is associated with rebel consciousness and the rights of the individual. Storm the Bastille!

John Lennon's Rolls Royce
John Lennon's Rolls Royce

Aquarians may not look strange, act odd, or sound peculiar, but that’s just a way to fool you ~ and it’s a real struggle for them to maintain this mirage of “normalcy.” The heart of Aquarius is beating with a completely unique and surprising rhythm. They are as wild as conga drums in a Mozart concerto, as disconcerting as plaid pants and a paisley shirt, bizarre as jalapeno infused chocolate, and as beautiful as roses in the snow. Their wackiness ~ no matter how well disguised ~ is unmatched by any other sign in the zodiac. It’s all these little quirks and oddities that have given Aquarius the questionable and beloved title of Revolutionary!

Full Moon times are that chink in the astrological wall where we are challenged to focus and integrate two opposing sources of light. If we can do that, a prism explodes and we are able to see all the possibilities, the myriad expression of the one new light. This is not a time of “on one hand, but then again, on the other hand.” It’s a time of blending, an alchemical moment, if you will. It’s a new and improved! recipe for advancement of your consciousness. But you can’t get there by doing or being the same old, same old. You have to revolt. You have to storm your inner Bastille.

Aquarius is so bizarre that its two ruling planets, Saturn and Uranus, are actually at odds with themselves. Saturn is structure, ancient. Uranus is explosive, modern.

…one of the key features of modernity is the shift of emphasis from the privileges and power of institutions (a monarch, a clerical establishment, the state itself) to the rights and relative autonomy of the individual.
~ John Meacham, Theocracies are Doomed. Thank God.

  • Where do you need to have a revolution?
  • What light from the Leo/Aquarius axis can you bring into focus and integrate into your everyday life?

Whatever it is, I can guarantee you one thing ~ life will never be the same again and it’s gonna be alright.

John Lennon’s Rolls Royce courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.

3 thoughts on “Full Moon in Aquarius ~ You Say You Want a Revolution

  1. What a great blog!

    I can so relate. With my Moon and Saturn in Aquarius, what you describe rings so true with me. My third and 9th house are the Aquarius/Leo axis, which also includes my nodes, north being in Leo.

    I have always, especially in education/learning and religion marched to my own drum, much to the distress of those trying to guide me. This axis is powerful in my career as well since my focus has been so heavy in computer technology (Aquarius, Uranus) and writing (third house). Saturn has provided me with power struggles, but I’ve always viewed those as challenges, mere blips. My different ways of doing things has actually turned out well for me, and I’ve never let “rules” or red tape get in my way.

    The Saturn opposing my 9th I find interesting because I have always viewed religion as an obnoxious abuse of power, especially from God himself. No offense to any of you religious folks:-) This was disturbing to my family who trotted me off to church every Sunday until I declared myself an Atheist astrologer at the ripe age of 11 after I read Linda Goodman’s Sunsigns book.

    I’ve never been afraid to swim upstream, and I think I have my Aquarian moon to thank for that:-)

    1. At the age of 11 you declared yourself an athiest astrologer?! I would love to have witnessed that conversation. I’d never even heard either of those words when I was 11, plus I was such a chicken as a child.

      You have actually blended those opposing sources of light and made it work really well for you. Inspirational! Thanks, Dana.

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