KnickKnack Zodiac ~ Leo and the Sun

Lion Couple in sunEverybody has a knickknack or two, or eighty or ninety. Our zodiac is a collector, as well, accumulating a wide array of jewels, plants, and everyday objects of all kinds. Everything you can imagine falls under the rulership of a particular zodiac sign or planet. Some of these items have become accepted by society at large ~ our birthstones and birth flowers, for example.

You don’t have to be a Leo to enjoy these symbols, and you can even display them publicly without getting labeled a nut-case by folks who don’t understand astrology. You won’t be limited to glyphs as astrological emblems if you get acquainted with all the symbols right at your fingertips. They will become your own secret garden, full of little pieces of magic and charm.

Here are some ways to bring the Lion into your daily life without causing a roar among the skeptics, even in the most conservative places.

Screensavers and Desktop Photos ~ This is probably one of the easiest places to display anything Leo ~ all the large cats, sunflowers, horses, citrus fruits, royalty, or your favorite actors. It’s the perfect time to display pics of your children, since Leo loves them so. You can even put together your own slideshow of these images as a screensaver and change it as the sun moves into the following signs. Chances are that you can find something Leonine that fits with your hobbies and interests. When you discover them, use them. If you like displaying photos of celebrities or sports figures, you can find a list of famous Leos here.

Books ~ Pick up some bios about famous Leos from the local library or do some internet searches. Visit Astrotheme or Astrodatabank and do some charting to see how the major events in their lives match their transits or progressions. If you’re a beginner in chart analysis, start with a basic chart and see how they express their planetary energies. Here’s a tip: If you come across a biography you really love, think about giving it as a gift to a Sun or Moon Capricorn. The ones I’ve known have loved biographies.

sunflowerFlowers ~ Put some big, fun, goofy sunflowers on your desk or table for instant sunshine. Have a spare pair of sunglasses? Stick them on the flowers and get a great big smile from everyone. If it’s the dead of winter in your part of the world and sunflowers are nowhere to be found, use yellow or orange flowers, or any really big flowers.

Bowl Arrangement ~ Place a bowl of oranges anywhere within reach. They smell great, give you plenty of vitamin C, and taste great, too. Prefer a bowl of walnuts or almonds? They’re all Leo and have great health benefits.

Tea ~ The classic Chamomile is ruled by Leo, but you can make a jug of sun tea by filling a jar with water, adding your favorite tea, and allowing it to brew in the sun.

Jewelry ~ Wear a ruby or peridot if you have one. They are birthstones of July and August, Leo territory. Or throw on any jewelry that evokes the colors of Leo ~ stones that are the colors of sunrise or sunset ~ and gold, of course. If you have any amber jewelry, now’s the time to wear it. Dig out grandma’s old brooches designed like crowns, cats, the sun, circus performers, playing cards, or hearts. Leo rules all those things. I’ve got a gold brooch in the shape of sunglasses that are rhinestone studded. Very cool.

Clothing ~ Add some yellow! It’s a feel-good color and will brighten anyone’s day unless they’re just an old sourpuss. If you don’t look good in yellow, simply keep it away from your face. Use colors that blend well with yellow instead. Lions aren’t yellow, after all; they’re rich golden brown and tan.Panther Get a great pair of gold sandals. Since it’s summer, they’re a perfectly acceptable way to be on the prowl.

Prefer the leopard or black panther look? Go for it! The famous little black dress was designed by none other than famous Leo, Coco Chanel. If you need something more vibrant, consider all the colors of the peacock ~ yet another animal that falls under the Sun’s rulership.

Guys can use all these symbols of Leo clothing by incorporating them into shirts, ties, and socks. No one will ever be the wiser.

Aromatherapy ~ Orange is one of the most luscious aromas, and we are able to enjoy it every day. You know the scent that erupts and stays on your hands when you peel an orange? That’s where essential oil of orange comes from. It’s in the peel, not the flower. Oranges are representative of our hearts, and that leads to thoughts of love, romance, and joy. Feeling a little blue? Fire up the essential oil in a diffuser and notice the blues fade. HummingbirdSuncatcher

Decorative Household Items ~ Use candles in shades of gold, orange, or yellow ~ any colors belonging to sunset or sunrise. If you like aromatic candles, look for those with citrus scents, especially orange. (Save the lemon scented ones for Gemini/Mercury times ~ they’re great to increase concentration.) Toss a gold pillow on a comfy chair or lush throw across the sofa. Tealight holders can be found in the shape of the sun. Sun catchers hung in a window are demure symbols of Leo and come in any shape or color you desire.

There are endless possibilities to finding knickknacks that will help you  remember the qualities of Leo and the Sun. Find the one that works for you, and enjoy it completely. Fall in love with it, treasure it. When the sun has left Leo, you can move it to a less conspicuous spot or pack it away until Leo returns in the coming years. Of course, you can always pull them out at the Full Moon in Leo which falls during the Sun’s transit of Aquarius, or any time during the year when the Moon is in Leo.