Full Moon in Aquarius ~ Putting a New Spin on It

The Cosmic Tarot
The Cosmic Tarot

Everyone thinks of Aquarius as the oddball of the zodiac. Uranus, the ruling planet of Aquarius, has a little oddness of its own. Planets in our solar system normally revolve with an east/west equator. Not Uranus! It has chosen to revolve north/south, with it’s North Pole pointing toward the Sun in a sort of na-na-na-na-na bronx cheer way. Uranus marches to the beat of a different drummer, and this motion sets it apart from every other planet. Well, Venus has a retrograde rotation which is odd, too, and just goes to prove that there’s someone for everyone.

The Fool card from the Cosmic Tarot always makes me smile, and is just the perfect symbol of Uranus for me. I mean, look at this kook. He’s fun, for sure, but there’s something a little bit dangerous about him, too. And I bet you dollars to donuts that he’s leaning heavily toward the smart side of the IQ scale. Norbert Losche, designer of this deck, uses the term “annulment of reason” as one of the descriptive phrases of his Fool, and that can be a really good description of Uranus when our thoughts or actions suddenly veer from the norm. In that moment, perched on the precipice, we make a leap that will never allow us to go back the way we came.

During this Full Moon time, Leo is standing regally and stately while off in the distance we hear the beat, beat, beat of a different drummer. It’s our personal Pied Piper, ready to take us places we’ve only imagined. Dare to go?

Taking a que from Uranus, figure out if your rotational axis is normally east/west or north/south; that is, “normal” or a little different.

  • Do you generally go with the flow and hang with the crowd or do you find yourself following the beat of a different drummer?
  • Do you get a kick out of shocking people or are you mortified at any type of aberant behavior?
  • How do you handle surprises? With grace under pressure or by putting on your dancing shoes?
  • Do you revel in your individuality or had you rather die than expose your quirks?
  • Do you prefer to stick to what has proven itself in the past or are you excited by the possibility of the new and different?

If you long to be a little more authentic than you or circumstances have allowed you to be up to this point, maybe its time to put a new spin on your old way of doing things ~ to just go ahead and make that leap into who you really are. Now sometimes we just can’t because to do so would bring us harm. Please don’t ever do anything to hurt yourself. But if it’s only a matter of mustering up the courage, you’ve got Leo to back you up and Aquarius to propel you forward ~ even if you take only one tiny step.

If you like discovery exercises, here’s one for the Aquarius Full Moon. It’s to help you discover the rhythm of your life. If you don’t like exercises, visit Astrodispatch to find some great articles to read, or listen to Blood, Sweat and Tears’ original Spinning Wheel at the end of this post. There’s no video with the track, so if you’re a child of the 60’s, it’ll be a lot like it was when you were listening to it on your old mono or the car radio.

Fool’s Parade

Tapping on a table top, by clapping your hands, with your voice, bells, whistles, pots and pans, or in goat pants blowing a ram’s horn, find the rhythm that you feel expresses who you are and the beat that you have followed as you’ve marched through life. Throw yourself a one man/one woman Fool’s Parade. Think about where you’ve been in life and where you’d like to go in the future. What’s the rhythm of your new destination? Whatever it is, that’s your hopes and wishes for the future, your piece of the Aquarian pie.

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