The Music of Cancer ~ Moon, Mother, Memories, and Home

We see astrological symbolism all around us everyday. Sometimes through images and sometimes through what a friend of mine referred to as “nose-talgia,” or scent memory. Music, however, is the art that can stop us in our tracks. Have you ever been driving, listening to the radio, and heard a song that was so emotionally powerful for you that you had to pull over just to listen to the music? I’ve had that experience several times, which is probably why I don’t listen to the radio much anymore while driving. I think it’s much wiser for me to stick to familiar cd’s.

I found several videos on youtube that are ripe with Cancerian themes ~ moon, mother, memories, and home ~ and have them here for your enjoyment.

The first, This is Home, by Switchfoot picks up the themes of memories and home. John Lennon’s Madison Square Garden performance of Mother follows, a song rich in longing for the lost parent. The last is a very sweet lullaby for the child in all of us, The Tale of the Sun and the Moon, by Eric Hermann.