Astrology of an Address ~ Dayel Kirk

Dayel Kirk has a fun freebie on her site, The Reluctant Astrologer. She gives you the astrology of your address. She takes only the number from your address (no street name) and assigns it to the 360 degree zodiac. If you live in an apartment, only the apartment number is used, not the street number.

If you are a numerologist, you will find using the zodiac degree a very interesting addition to your number meanings.

My address number corresponds with 14 Pisces. Dayel describes this as:

A Pisces address is a place for rest or escape, relaxation, regeneration, creative expression, spiritual pursuits or solitude.

At this address, I have cared for elderly parents, started a small theatre and this blog, studied various religious texts, delved into spirituality, and found a great deal of solitude. It’s much more relaxing than my previous address (perhaps too much so) and has recently been certified as a wildlife habitat.

Thanks, Dayel! Please visit The Reluctant Astrologer to get the astrology of your address, along with some other freebies and some excellent posts on current astrological trends and personalities.