Two New Moons? Oh, Boy! Make a Wish!

How often do we get two New Moons in a month? Not often, right?

There’s a question about what we call this second New Moon. The most accepted name is a Black Moon, which makes sense because the New Moon is always dark. I’m the romantic type, though, and that sounds a bit dreary so I’ve decided to call it a Wishing Moon. Once in a Wishing Moon…I like that.

It’s almost as though we get a do-over, in case we messed up our chances with the first New Moon. Dig out all your info from New Moon in Cancer and make a wish on the second New Moon. You need to act fast, though, because this New Moon (07/21/09 at 10:35pm EDT) moves into Leo at 11:28pm EDT. It also happens to be void at that time, so take that into consideration. Write your wish down and note your progress at the next Full Moon on August 5th. You’ll have to make some effort, of course. Very few wishes are granted without a effort to bring them into the real world.

ThanksI’m very happy about these two New Moons, especially since they are in their home sign of Cancer, so I’d like to say thanks by giving away a printed natal report to the first five people who ask. Just contact me saying that you would like one. If you’re one of the five, I’ll email you asking for your birthdata.

Here’s the birthdata I’ll need for your report:

  1. Name
  2. Birthdate (Month-Day-Year)
  3. Birth Time (am or pm)
  4. City/Country of Birth

Please don’t use the comments section to ask for a report. There’s no privacy there. Contact me here.

UPDATE: The giveaway has now concluded. July 17; 11:00am EDT