Scorpio Lunation Day 19: Cosmic Weather Reports

There are a few times during every lunation when the Moon gets a little breathing room and other times when it seems like she’s running for her life. Pinpointing those times can help us find some soft spots to fall when we feel like we’ve been running to and fro in haste. To do this, we need to check the Cosmic Weather Report. Continue reading

Scorpio Lunation Day 12: Eat the Zodiac

Yesterday’s tool for the day was to Drink the Kool-Aid, a term for buying into a belief system. When we follow the Moon to our New Moon Dreams, it’s imperative that we believe and have faith that what we are doing will serve us well. Today’s tool is much more down to earth and not ephemeral at all, but it will also serve the heart and spirit. Continue reading

Scorpio Lunation Day 11: Drink the Kool-Aid

The Moon moved into Pisces yesterday afternoon shortly after the arrival of the First Quarter Moon. Pisces’ motto, “I Believe,” may be one of the most important factors in fulfilling New Moon Dreams. Forward movement can be based on cold hard facts and empirical data, on faith and belief that any dream can come true, or any and everything in between the two. No matter what flavor you pick, you’ve got to drink the Kool-Aid. Continue reading